Models of Life

One fine day I was talking to my uncle about, how I take Life  –

For me Life was purposeless journey. It started somewhere and going to end somewhere (without my wish, as of now 🙂 ). So question is whatever I do, why do I do those things?

Because I can’t live without doing things 🙂 and so whatever I do, I do it 100% – May it be programming in office, talking to friends, watching  TV, reading some book, volunteering, whatsoever…. however 100% time giving my 100% is still not possible for me.

And there my uncle said – “This is also a good model of life”. And for the first time, very surprisingly, I was listening – Model of Life!!!. That moment, my greatest philosophy of life just simply became one of several models. And only good part was my uncle said “it’s a GOOD model.”

I then realized knowingly or unknowingly we are bound, we are bound by our mind, by our mindset. May be some models of life uplifts us, make us successful and some becomes reason for our downfall. 

Here ends the story to make you think on – Models of Life. However one thing is there for sure:

With MASTER in life, whatever one does, he will be uplifted!!!!


2 responses

  1. good one…

  2. bit of overhead transmittion for me…. 😉

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