Best Couple

Here I am writing about couples before marriage…… 😉

Having girlfriend during college days is a matter of pride for many, isn’t it? With fast paced life, now even school kids are having their mates… that’s different story.lovebird

If you are experienced, you will easily be able to relate it: Every couple (in early part of relationship) thinks that theirs is the best pair in the world. Nobody else loves as deeply as them. Sad part is, for many, this remains reality only till the time talks for marriage begins….. duo start to think more practical, more of mind start coming in picture than heart(love) which was the case till then. Till the time one is in Love, anything and everything is accepted as it is. In Love there is total acceptance.

And why there are break-ups, I think mainly because acceptance stops – one starts finding faults in other…..sooner or later. That’s why 99% of love marriages are unsuccessful.

When you love someone and see their faults, stay with them and help them fill the holes” (instead of fighting and running away)  – Sri Sri


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