Time will come to say Good-Bye

Yesterday came the shocking news – one of my room-mates, Vishal was transferred to Pune. I didn’t believe the first time I heard that. But it was true. Other room-mate was having tears in his eyes.

Vishal was truly a Leader in our room. He used to take care of room accounting, arranging for picnics; movies, putting effort to solve water/electricity problem….etc and in addition he was brilliantly humorous.

We will really miss Vishal……..

Many of you might have experienced these sorrowful moments. For somebody girlfriend/boyfriend might have said good bye, or college professor or colleague in office or neighbor or doggy or….. Realize that one day we are going to say Good-Bye to planet earth.


We are here only for 60-70 years. When we don’t get enough time to love our loved ones why waste time in hatred, anger, abuse, etc. Make most of life before it’s too late. Time will not comeback. Live each moment to fullest.

A poor man celebrates New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates each day. But the richest man celebrates every moment.” (How rich are you) – Sri Sri


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