Smiling Auto drivers!!!!

If you are not getting what this title is…. read on

YES, we, volunteers of The Art of Living are now going to take “Navchetana Shivir” for Autowalas in Chennai. Just an example how Navchetana can change life:

Once the Navchetana was happening for 8th-9th Class Students in a Goverment school. And one day students were given homework to make their parents happy. Otherday after a course a girl came to teacher and started speaking with tear in her eyes –  till now I was not behaving properly with my mother, was not helping her in any of her work, was not listening to her at all. And today when I helped her in cooking, I felt so great. It’s because of you I was able to drop my silly thoughts and anger on her and was able to go close to her. I might have wasted my life time otherwise……..

Guys, it really really works….. Navchetana is free Shivir specially designed for lower strata of people… however anybody is welcome.

Keep Smiling 🙂

And hmnnn… It will be great if you can arrange Navachetana in your area. Let us know….. some instructor will definely take it up there. If any, you can put your questions in comment…. I will reply it 🙂


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  1. 🙂 i was amazed hearing this! Great job!

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