Today’s post is simply difference between Knowingness and Belief.

Think of which is better sentence:

1. I believe two plus two (2 + 2) equals four. OR

2. I know 2 + 2 = 4

Surely the second one. We will go little ahead….. if somebody asks your father about your character. What do you expect from your father (if you are good :))

1. I know he is good boy  OR

2. I believe he is good boy.


Definitely first one is better. Knowing the thing is more empowering than just believing. So start knowing the things.

So if somebody asks me – Do you believe in GOD?

My answer will be –  NO

Why – Because I know GOD……… and this was the answer given by Sri Sri

And this is one of the reason I love Art of Living – It promises  knowingness 🙂


One response

  1. wow nice! one!! 🙂

    i am sure you know you are God 😉 if you dont then just remember you are!

    Read conversation with God if you have not read a great book!

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