Common Man: Need to work in group

It’s very much evident that common man will not take any action against wrong things till the time problem is right there in his home. Common Man will just indulge in abusing the SYSTEM. Interestingly I found some reasons:

Let me explain with example:

*******************  Terrorism *******************

Terrorist: Just act. Doesn’t bother about results whether 2 or 10 are going to get killed. They just act.

Comman Man: Starts with Doubt. Whether the peace march I am participating will make any difference.

******************* Bogus Leader  *****************

Common Man: Very sure  about-  I will not be able to stand in between these corrupt politician?

********************* Poverty ********************

Common Man: What? Poverty has a solution that too in country like India. Impossible!!!

*********** Global warming, racism, etc ************

 When these and such other problems didn’t become problem in a day and these are not started by an individual, to solve these we need to work in a group and it will not be eradicated in a day. One man (hero in Movies) can’t solve these problems in reality. Somebody has to take lead and others have to follow. If somebody is not capable of leading, at least he can be a good follower.

If you were having solutions, that you just used to gossips with friends, and leave it without taking actions, then it’s worthless.  

Join/Form a group. Bring your solutions in reality. Prove your metal. Otherwise just shut-up. Don’t blame if you have made yourself helpless.

There are many NGOs working today for global cause. I joined “The Art of Living”, you decide for yourself. 🙂 Have a nice time 🙂


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