YES!+ and My Friends

For my best friends I just told them “Join YES+. It’s very amazing” while others need an explanation – why should they join it? What is that they are going to get out of it…..etc. And this is really tough. Because explaining/showing/proving outer growth is very easy. But how to explain the inner growth? This really remains a question. What all we can do is we can say it’s very experiential course…. We cannot tell/capture/give that experience. It has to be experienced. That’s all.

Very few people can see this inner growth in others. Even I took two years to join YES+ after I came to know about it. There was little regret that time that I didn’t do it for so long for ‘n’ number of foolish reasons that I had been telling to my friend (who was pushing me for course). And same thing is now happening here with change in my role. Now I am telling to my friends (here in Chennai) to join YES+ and they are giving me foolish reasons. And what all I can do is Smile back. 🙂

Our mind is limited by experiences in past (That’s what I think). If I tell you it’s like lemon, it forms a picture on your mind because you already know what lemon is. And that is the reason why one cannot explain what YES+ is like. Because it’s unique. Nothing equals it. J

Join YES+. Go MAD (Make A Difference).


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