Doing something 1st time…….

Everything that one do, there was first time associated for that thing. Long time back you might have eaten Samosa for the very 1st time. One day you went to school 1st time. You see some movie for the first time…….

Now whether to continue or not, what you have done first time, mostly  depends on your first experience. You like Samosa first time, you will take it in future again. You like some movie, there is chance you may see it again.

But what if, you have not taken that step to do it first time. You not at all know about something called Samosa….. 🙂

So when it comes to good things, do it atleast once – for the first time SO that there is chance, you may do it again…… 🙂  Give it a chance. It’s hard to know which thing will come to rescue at what time!!!!! And Opportunity may not be knocking your door all the time 🙂 ….. if you are not utilizing it.

And for the same reason you should not do bad things even for the first time. You may do it again…… 🙂


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  1. hey nice thoughts……..
    vry hapy 4 u………

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