Enjoying life and Worldly Problems

Almost everybody wants to enjoy life. FOR SURE….. 🙂

And each one has their unique ways to enjoy. Some play, some dance, some chat, some rome around……… so on. Here there is one thing to observe….. Most people enjoy their life to their capacity, up to a limit. Just for an example – We did not have Internet connection, AC in our room at start, now we had. As we have saved some money…… J

So most of us enjoy to a capacity and wants to increase this capacity and we are just busy in this routine…. We are in a race to become more happier, richer, smarter….. etc. We are basically GOOD people.

But what about imbalance that is already created in society? We have terrorists, corrupt politicians, pollution, etc. If we are just living for our happiness, our small aims, WHO WILL BRING BACK THE BALANCE?????

And other way round, do you think you will be happier with this imbalance around. It is going to hit you sooner or later…. if corrective action is not taken NOW….. it’s very evident….. it is the reason why terrorist activities are now so frequent in Inida, it is the reason why we are hearing about Green house effect more than anytime else!!!!

Only appeal is:

Get some time from your busy schedule for social cause. Bring your good ideas, thoughts into action. Prevention is always better than cure.


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  1. you write really good! 🙂

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