Broken Heart!!!!

These days falling in love and breaking up is quite common …… J  never mind J

Think of this – How come people in love break up relationship? Break up happens only when love stops. Leave other reasons aside like – parents, etc….. If there is love, how can there be break-up? And if there is break up, was Love there in first place?

Broken heart simply means broken expectations, broken demands….. It’s obvious to expect from Loved one. Nothing seems wrong in it. But when expectations get paramount importance and it super shades Love….. everything ends. Just think, what you have expected from your partner on the day one……. is it the same thing you will be expecting after 2 years. As you keep knowing capabilities of your partner, expectations keep on changing.

Just let love be. Expectations keep on changing. And if you are behind expectations, you will just be grumbling…… If you are breaking up because of these expectations…. it in one way indicates, you have hope somewhere that somebody will meet up these expectations. And suppose with great luck, all your expectations are met, it will just bring comfort in life…… will it bring Love?

And other way, it all happens because of Love. You love YOUR expectations more than person and so is break up.


When love glows, it is bliss.

When it flows, it is compassion.

When it blows, it is anger.

When it ferments, it is jealousy.

When it is all “no’s”, it is hatred.

When it acts, it is perfection.


          Sri Sri


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