What is this life for?

Long time back I had a question – What is this life for?

There are crores of people living on this planet. Nobody knows when one is born and when one dies. Or even if one becomes very famous, say Mahatma Gandhi, what’s the use? One has to die anyway.

Usually, it seems, why Adults live is to get Married 😉 , why parents live is to see their child prosper, why Grand Parents live is to see their Grand Child’s marriage…… etc (some lives for money, happiness, peace, success, ……. etc).

Purpose of Life

However question at any stage remains unanswered. What’s the purpose of life? What is this life for? Why are we born?


As in our exams, optional questions being optional are not answered, in life, such precious questions (purpose of life, etc) being optional remains unanswered. That’s why corruption, terrorism, etc grows. That’s why people keep struggling whole life!!!!

And as answers to such questions are not obvious, people avoid giving trouble to small brains. People equip (try to 🙂 equip) their brains with all the skills, knowledge to keep life going comfortably (which anyway goes on 🙂 ).

I can give hint to get answers to such questions – it’s simple…. Join Art of Living 🙂


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  1. Nice on…. it would be really nice if you could start contributing for the YES!+ Chennai blog

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