Propose NOT !!!!

Last three days, I started thinking of a gal more 🙂 ….

Though I didn’t want it to happen 🙂 (as she was from other cast –> parents issue <– whom I have listened rarely and then regretted, in past :), though they sometimes go wrong on one issue 🙂 )

And still I was thinking of her.

There were 2 things going on in my mind –

1. I was telling myself to be brave and fight with those thoughts. Now I realized that – I was resisting a thought, which eventually was coming again and again. Though I knew what resistance does, this point didn’t pop-up in my mind in last 3 days. (Art of Living – AOL people will understand this better)

2. My kind, loving human heart 🙂 was sometimes telling me it’s OK and in fact good…. Making me biased towards that girl.

best frnd2As thinking of leaving her thoughts was not working, I finally decided to tell her – what’s going on in my mind. And somehow I had hope that confessing this will solve the problem. And today I told her and I am free now J

Listening to me this girl only told me – you might have surrendered (AOL people only will understand this) it and might have been free. I was so surprised as Surrendering was so inherent to me and last three days I never had even a single though of this. I was so engaged in her goody-goody thoughts!!!! J

She only brought this point (Surrender) ahead…. Nice to have understanding, good friends around. 🙂

Anyway, now everything is back to normal. Tomorrow I will share part of what I actually wrote to her 🙂

Till then,



2 responses

  1. he he.. would love to hear it from you 😉


  2. I am too waiting to hear it! 🙂

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