Close friend’s Marriage…. made me think a lot

Last week, around 19th Sept, one of my near and dear friend’s marriage is fixed. Within a month there is going to be her Engagement and Marriage. Events are rolling very fast for her and new set of thoughts for me.


Initially, she was little confused about her decision, as boy doesn’t know anything about “The Art of Living”. And this uncertainty, whether he will like AOL after marriage or not, was not letting her to be free and be completely happy. Needless to say, she is much more involved in volunteering and loves Guruji a lot.

Even I was very disappointed with this decision of hers. As the kind of involvement she has shown in AOL was at stake (according to me). It was after all her decision which is going to decide her future life. And this thought left me in still deeper thoughts. Wherever I am today, it was because of my decisions (of course, many times supported by people around). If I might had listened to my parents completely, I might have been too far from my beloved Guruj as..… yet Guruji is just a good human being for them.

This time particularly…. it was very hard for me to follow – “don’t give suggestions without being asked” and I was to take care of her feelings too as it(marriage) probably is going to be a biggest event in her life. So each time a thought/suggestion comes to my mind, I was smiling and saying “Jai Gurudev”.

With these set of thoughts, where I was becoming more and more aware of my and others decision making process, and with more Sadhana, and with Superb knowledge from Yoga Vasistha, I attended Chandi Homa in Ashram. Even on the day of Chandi Homa my mind was chattering a lot than usual.

During Satsang, finally my restless mind got rest J, when I heard from Guruji that – You will be given what is needed in right time….. So if it is time for her to come along, everything will be set right for her (with her future decisions). Otherwise game goes on J …. And so is going to be with me J

At end, it remains our decisions which matters…. Our decisions which are governed by so many seen and UNSEEN factors….. so I pray to Guruji to Guide me and make me take decisions which are good for me.

Jai Gurudev J


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  1. Priyanka got engaged?

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