Visit to Orphanage

Last Saturday, we (YES!+ gang and Part 1 crowd) visited one of the Orphanages (started by Guruji) to celebrate Diwali. First we had Satsang and then fireworks, followed by dinner.

During Satsang, all the kids were dancing and thoroughly enjoying and those kids started asking to take them on our (volunteer’s) shoulder. Just taking them on our shoulder was making them so much more happy. These kids actually long for Love. It was very hard for me just to imagine life like them where only those of there wishes got fulfilled (atleast in childhood) which are essential to live. All through my life I was taken care of by my parents. Thanks to teachers over there who are so dearly taking care of them.

Mostly it happens that we hardly value thing that we have got for free or we remain unaware of its value. Seeing  innocent faces of those kids, I was feeling so grateful to have parents and at the same time I was feeling good for those kids as somebody is taking care of them.

In today’s rat race of being so called successful, most of people remain busy earning and enjoying….. Enjoyment which hardly has any depth. Very few of us feel grateful that too ocassionaly. Thanks to Guruji for bringing such a light and gratefulness in my life.

Jai Gurudev


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