Suffering is optional

I was reading Rashmin Bhaiya’s (one of jovial n dynamic YES!+ teachers) post –

n was able to relate to it very well as I have seen one of my best friends suffering (with broken heart) and enjoying that suffering 🙂 . As Rashmin Bhaiya has said – “People suffer from suffering”…… it’s like an addiction. They start enjoying suffering too. This was the case with my friend before YES!+ ……. We did our YES!+ together which transformed her life (mine too 🙂 ), she came out of depression and suffering.

I remember Vinod Menon’s (one of our dynamic DSN teachers) sentence – “Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional”. Just knowing this hardly works but doing YES!+ definately does 🙂

Jai Gurudev


2 responses

  1. good knowledge!

  2. Arpitji:)
    waiting for ur ttc experience sharing!!!

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