You might be interested in knowing where I was for last 25days OR how were my last 25 days…… For that you need to meet me, it’s not going to come on the blog 😉

Hmnmn….. I can’t keep it to myself 🙂 …. Last 25days were best, unforgettabel, awesome, superb, amazing n put all good superlative and exclamatory words you know 🙂 n for details meet me 😉

N another news is after Priyanka’s marriage with Australian chap,

Now its our MUTHU DIDI (YES!+ teacher who sustained and put YES!+ Chennai on growth track) who is goinng to marry another YES!+ Teacher from Canada – MAXIME. It seems Guruji has nodded positively when duo went to Guruji for his blessings. Duo will be in Chennai after winter break. So wait for big blast !!!!!!

Jai Gurudev


3 responses

  1. I guess after marriage it’ll another teacher going out of chennai. I hope both stay. and what a news dude. and i’lll sure ask you what happened during you TTC.

  2. Amazing.. Lovely!! 🙂 Cant Wait 🙂

  3. And …… congrats on Becoming a Teacher..dear pal 🙂

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