3 Idiots

A must watch movie. Movie of the decade…..

It’s the hilarious skits between 3 friends doing engineering with profound message, super talented acting, direction, meaningful songs and small, little, nice romance.

I am translating one of the dialogue, here, I like the most – Don’t run behind success. Be Excellent. Then success has no other go but to follow you.

Movie take fairly serious take on Indian Education system where all you have to do is mug up and parents are also all for the marks there children are getting so that they get high paying jobs. What actually interests kid, doesn’t matter. So we are not making original thinkers.

It keeps putting the point, study for knowledge and life is not a race, in hilarious way. Movie doesn’t go too emotional at any point. It keeps you busy laughing, smiling, thinking. You will be able to see yourself in one or the other role.

Don’t miss this movie at any cost……. N’joy


2 responses

  1. i gues there ws some contraversy abt the script..

    Guess i will pic up a few tickets.. then ;0

  2. hey do publish your TTC and WB exp.. 🙂

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