Funny Incident due to lack of communication

It’s obvious  that improper communication may lead to many problems. And when we are working in a team, communicating properly becomes very important.

Recent experience : Today at 7:30pm IST, I was taking my dinner and I got a call saying – I am supposed to invite a Guest for an event (Express India) that is going to happen on 26th Jan. But the interesting thing was – I was supposed to be there at Guest’s home by 8pm which was around 3km away and on the way I was to take printout of invitation letter. I knew little bit about the event. And in hurry, I took few more details and I was in front of guest who was already waiting for me 🙂

I invited him and was casually talking to him and he asked me set of questions of which I didn’t have any idea. 🙂 I answered those with my common sense 🙂  For any guest these questions were obvious, but being in hurry I didn’t ask these pro-actively nor was I told  🙂

Here are the questions:

Guest: What time I should be there – 5:15, 5:20, 5:30?

Me:  5:30. ( I didnt’ even know when is Event going to start 🙂 )

Guest: Am I supposed to speak there?

Me: YES. It would be great to hear you. (I didn’t know what is there in organiser’s mind)

Guest: How much time I am supposed to speak?

Me: (Good question :)) 15-20mins (I knew it’s 2 hours event….)

Guest: On what topic I am supposed to speak?

Me: (I knew the event name :)) Your Experience…. what India has to offer to the world…. what are we good at…..

Guest: Is it ok if I bring my wife along:

Me: It would be our pleasure to receive you……

After this when I spoke to organiser….. she said it’s ok 🙂 …. just that they didn’t want 15min speeh from him….


  1. Be clear while delegating work.
  2. Get complete details of work you are doing 🙂

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