My Experience – Coordinating ‘My Country My Valentine’ – MCMV


It’s very easy to read and appreciate principles of management like delegating the work, resource planning, etc. But actual fun starts when it comes to real life project. And that too if it’s an NGO project with volunteers, it’s totally a different ball game.

First thing I learnt with MCMV is – delegation of work. Organising YES!+ courses, working with Mahindra Satyam, I knew this very well that delegation of work is important. I used to do it to a small extent. But with event comes so many heads – On Stage event, Off Stage event, from Ticket printing, hall booking, invitations to marketing, publicity, media coverage, sponsors, etc.

Again, assigning one person/group for each task remains easy but making sure that it gets completed in a given time line remains a  skillful job.  If you want to make event successful, you start getting these skills 🙂 (results doesn’t matter ;)). Of course being with seniors, definitely helps. To get these skills, you are most welcome to YES!+ Organizing team 🙂

Few pointers though: While delegating work, we need to clarify; make it crystal clear, what exactly we are looking for, what is the expected result.

After delegating the work, most of people were not able to complete the work in given time line. So what I learnt was – To move on with best possible things available at that time rather than waiting for perfect things, for longer time. Our hall got booked, poster got printed with whatever inputs we were having that time, even knowing that a lot better can be done.

Then, very lately i realized that people were thinking – Event is organised by me. It was not my event.  Then we sent mails and SMSs, to make sure that, the point gets established that it’s YES!+ Chennai event and I am just coordinating it. I was able to see the expected change in attitude of some of our volunteers then. It was very big realization for me….

Another thing is people come with many brilliant ideas. But it’s of no use if it’s not implemented 🙂 Anjana didi also told me that Chennai volunteers always have 1000 new ideas but they don’t work on it. So I made a point and worked on select ideas, dropping many better ones, with availability of people and time constraint.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… to be cntd….


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