IPL Final – Whom to Support

I seem to be posting this post little late with results already out – Chennai being winner!!

Let me go in past – may be around 1999-2000. There was a match India Vs Pakistan. And one of my friend’s friend was supporting Pak. I was very angry on him. Logic was simple – You stay in India and want Pak to win. You have no right to stay in India, etc.

But now when I am in Chennai – It was a big question…. I am from Maharashtra and working in Chennai…. so whom I was supposed to support – Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians !!

Anyway, Sachin, a good individual player and Dhoni, a good captain (for me). Let anybody win, it doesn’t matter.

And again anyway, now that Chennai has won  !!


2 responses

  1. He he he……Good Good….ImagineWatching a match between India and Pakistan with Pakistani Collegues…..:D……..Its a strange feeling…..I have gone thru this……Also we cannot enjoy sunny deol films as well in that situation…..:D

  2. i always supported mumbai only bcoz of sachin as no 1 is bigger than him in cricket… and yes…. since i m also in nagpur.. (MH Factor..:)) )

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