India is near Pakistan !!

I met Mishal in our Art of Living International Center in Bangalore. One of my friends asked me to bless her. After blessing her I started talking to her. And our conversation was like –

Mishal: Thank you for blessings.

Me: Welcome 🙂 … Where are you from?

Mishal: Denmark. Do you know where it is?

Me: YES!

Mishal: Where!

Me: (Surprised) It’s somewhere in Europe

Mishal: Yeah! It’s near Sweden….

I never ever had though that somebody will explain that my country is near this country….. say India is near Pakistan, etc 🙂

Mishal was very happy and amazed to be there!

Mishal: you must be enjoying here.

Me and Friends: Yeah! It’s so great to be here, etc….

A thought ran in my mind – she must be amused seeing so many happy, smiling, helping people around.

I saw her again in dinner hall. She was looking at people may be thinking how they are served and how they eat and enjoy, etc

After dinner, I went to her and asked her to do Sudershan Kriya regularly. Name, Sudershan Kriya sounded unfamiliar to her. Now I was surprised. I asked her, is it not taught to you in Part -1 course. She said – NO. Still more surprising :). I asked her – What did teacher taught you then. She replied, all that Smiling, laughing… then I asked her about Bhastrika and all demonstrating with action. Then she said – Ya Ya. She is doing it regularly. She again thanked me for blessing and then I left 🙂

Jai Gurudev!


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