Tour de Rajasthan

I was on Fantastic tour of Rajasthan with my Ma, Pa and Aunt last month for 13 days. This tour of ours had journey by passenger train to AC coach, flight, car and temples to National Park, dessert to Taj Mahal. And what made it very special was – I was on tour with family after 7  years!

We started from Dhamangaon (my hometown) to Nagpur, stayed overnight with aunt and early morning took flight to Delhi. We were there in Delhi just to catch a train to Jaipur. Meanwhile we went to one of our relatives there.

In Jaipur, The Pink City, we stayed at one of our aunt’s place. It was first time in my life, one of our family member welcomed us without any formality, I just loved it 🙂 . It was so much like at home only. There we went to famous Bapu Bazar and Ram Mandir. It was shopping day only. My mom and aunt AND in Bapu Bazar. What more these ladies want!! Almost whole day we spent there 🙂 And a thought came to my mind – On the day of shopping, girls/ladies should do Kriya in the evening only. Otherwise they get so much energy…… 😉

Next day, we started from Jaipur by Car and in next few days we traveled 2100+ km. This includes 14 famous temples,  a day in Bikaner; which was again a shopping day, Ranthambhor National Park and sunset in Khudi near Jaisalmer. I know GOD is there in bangalore these days in body form. But anyway my parents wanted to visit all the temples so I went and thoroughly enjoyed it, different rituals and customs and ways to worships and different beliefs :).

I loved the old fashioned houses in Bikaner specially the doors and windows 🙂

Old fashioned houses in Rajasthan

Me on Camel with Aunt

Sunset in Khudi/Khuri near Jaisalmer was awesome. It is the real dessert area

Wall painting on hut where we stayed

left now. First time in my life I sat on Camel and it was fantastic experience :). I wish everybody gets chance to do camel riding :). It’s so much fun :). Night stay over there included traditional folk dance and Rajasthani food in well decorated huts.





Mirror Craft – decoration

Patwa Haveli, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, The Golden City, is really golden city and it’s still golden :). Jaisalmer fort is good, specially Jain temple inside it. Superb was Kothari’s Patwa Haveli – expensive decoration, gracefully carved pillars, balconies. It was full of artistic work  in each corner.

to be cntd….


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  1. its all about ur personal tour.

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