Means of Life Vs Purpose of life

What is the means of life! What is that you need to live! And why are you living! What is the purpose of life. These are two different questions, isn’t it!


Money has become means of life. YES! You need food, accommodation, knowledge, gadgets, entertainment, you want to travel, communicate, etc, for all this you need money in almost all parts of the world or some kind of exchange which eventually come down to money!!

So money is very important! After all, it’s the means of life 😉 . But the sad part is today many of

Running behind money

us have made this money, the Purpose of life. And so many people are just running behind the money, not knowing the purpose and value of life, creating problems for themselves and people around.

It’s like you are given a car and you can put fuel into it but you don’t know your destination. So what do you do! You start driving and keep driving till eternity… not knowing where you want to go! Same with life! You are given life and you get means to live… you start earning money and keep earning not knowing the purpose of life. Or the highest priority in life remains earning.

What is the purpose of life, why is this life given to us and questions like this goes in the background most of the time, being inconvenient, because you don’t find answers easily! So it goes as because I am given life, let me live same as because I am given car let me drive not knowing where you are heading!

But once Guru comes in life, you start getting answers. He is the one who can show you who you really are! 🙂

I am so proud to have Guru like Sri Sri Ravishankar (very lovingly we call him Guruji) in my life.

So I am not denying the importance of money nor am I allergic to it 😉 . But money is not what I am living for!


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