Warm Welcome in Guwahati! – 16th January, 2011

The post below is what I wrote on 16th Jan before reaching Arunachal Pradesh. As I didn’t have net access, I was unable to publish it!!


I reached Guwahati station at around 11:30am and as soon as I came out of station it started raining heavily and in just 2minutes it started snow.ing 😉 . It lasted for about 7minutes. And the road was all white. What a welcome for me in Guwahati. This is HIS style of welcoming!

This was the first rain of the season in Guwahati. And it started with snowing! Wow!

I took Auto to reach our Art of Living Ashram here and it’s so beautiful, more than what I imagined it to be! – on the hill by the side of river Bramhaputra! WOW! 🙂

Evening I went for shopping in nearby area – ‘Rest Camp’ and ‘Bara Bazar’ and got Thermocot and raincoat for myself.. very essential here 😉

After dinner, my room-mate Sawant who recently became teacher – Dec, 2010 batch, wanted me to discuss YES!+ manual. We did it so. We finished discussing about first 3 days. And day ended. Good Night! (because I am writing it just before I go to bed 😉 ).



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  1. I think the best decision u ever did was to quit IT job and become a teacher 😀

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