Why Congress doesn’t want to bring Black Money

Take a look at below pic .. Rajiv Gandhi In 1991 .. 13th biggest account holder of Swiss Bank .. 1st Two were Mexican .. Oh n Saddam Hussain were also in That List of Top 14 Accounts in swiss Bank.. Share This Pic .. Let everyone know ” kartoot of nenru-gandhi family ” .. this is the reason why Govt. doesn’t want to Bring Black Money..!!

I took this pic from facebook: 

 Back to Album · बाबा रामदेव भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ सत्याग्रह आन्दोलन We Support Baba Ramdev’s Photos



2 responses

  1. arey how to share this on fb?

    1. Share the link 🙂
      or put it in your facebook photos..

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