Things I learnt

1. It’s all about being a nice person: Expressions of people differ time to time. And LOVE is what moves the world. So if YOU don’t

Being a nice person

understand unusual behavior of somebody, don’t go crazy. Remind yourself  “It’s all about being a nice person”. I have not said – Don’t show anger or don’t correct the person, etc

How did I discover this 🙂 is – I have different way of life and my family members want it to be on a different way! Justifying, arguing, talking to them is not working at all and problems were increasing day by day. Being on higher side with higher purpose, I discovered – “It’s all about being a nice person” 🙂 And I started appreciating Krishna much more for the way HE lived his life, being a nice person all the time and doing what he wanted to do or getting things done the way he wanted it to :).

2. Never Mind – There is nothing to be serious about. Just be sincere 🙂 YOU can be serious only in hospitals 😉 So never mind 🙂

3. Baat karne se hi baat banati hai (बात करने से ही बात बनती है|) – It will happen only if you talk! It’s for the things when you have to take initiatives. Never mind 🙂 Don’t think much. Just say it out. And you will get new ideas, ways, contacts. Don’t hesitate to talk or don’t be prejudiced…..


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  1. Point 3. is my take away. THanks for sharing 🙂

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