Accident that I saw LIVE

Yesterday after watching Amazing Spiderman at Spice, Noida when I was returning to my PG in a ric I saw a terrible accident – Skoda hitting santro. It was so bad – Skoda took 1 turn and it was then standing on it’s right door instead of wheels around 100meters away and Santro reduced in size to almost 1/3rd with engine gone.

Just before the accident, the thought that crossed my mind was “All I have is this moment”. And I specially remembered this because I thought of making it my Status Message and the next moment as the cars hit, I chanted Om Namah Shivay and asked ric to stop immediately. As I saw nobody was injured in Santro – 5 people including 2 children, I ran towards Skoda. By  that time almost 15-20 people were gathered there. It was around 11:15pm then. There was only one guy in Skoda and he  was also safe. He came out from car’s broken front cover and started talking on mobile.

As everybody was safe, I turned back to ric thinking now there is no point staying there and listen to whole blame game and drama. Meanwhile another gentleman stopped his car near Santro and offered help to ladies and kids in Santro to drop them home safely as he knew the man in Santro was to witness big drama ahead. It was for sure the mistake of guy in Skoda. He was driving as if he was king of the road and his car is accident proof.

Now as I write I understand there is no point connecting events as “There are 100s of reasons for a cause and there are 100s of causes for a reason”. In short everything is just a Happening.

This was what was coming to my mind, just after accident, as I sat in ric again –

As nobody was injured in such a terrific accident, is it the power of my Om Namah Shivay. I know my words carry power but this much! Next thought was, is it because there was Sudershan Kriya tape in my bag. Next was – it’s such a nonsense to even think this. Next was – Noida is not a safe place to live in. Next was, Money is not your security in life. Next was – All I have is this moment and I brought back big smile on my face, made my resolve stronger to make this place a better place to live in.


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