Job Satisfaction – A Myth!

No body would like to die, sitting in front of computer, debugging a code! If everything is normal, one would like spending time with family, friends, loved ones or serving society or playing… etc.

One may start enjoying the job, but lets be clear on this – You do job for money and not because it gives you satisfaction. If you think, your job gives you satisfaction – Just answer this question – Would you continue going to office, if your company stops paying you. On the other hand, planting trees, bringing somebody in knowledge, bringing smile on somebody’s face makes you happy, however it doesn’t give you any money. It gives you satisfaction. YES!

So when it’s clear that you work for money, use logic, your brain for your job and not emotions. Of course, give 100% in your job too but don’t mix emotions there.

Job, Hobby and Service are three different things. Don’t mix it!


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