2012 in Review – 1

2012 – Another fantastic year I enjoyed.

2012 journey started at Pune and I am writing this post from Noida. At the beginning of 2012,

In Jan, my sister got married, just to increase hopes from me to get married soon 🙂 But I successfuly survived with my bachelorhood.

Feb, I met an amazing personality who gave me blueprint of my life.. To reduce my anxiety.

March, I started giving interviews for change of job and got 3 offers in hand.

April, I selected wrong project for myself. Faced toughest time in my professional life with a very hard to deal with Team lead…. May be his stress… But, as i write this post, probably I will be relocated to Mumbai for good.

May – Oct, Each month I changed my accommodation.. Tough time in office continues. To add to that, I had night shifts (I wanted to experience it n its really not good, as was advised by many)

Nov – Went to see a girl, searched by parents n dramatic turn of events ended up rejecting that proposal. Got hurt by her parents remark ‘ Na sunkar dukh to hua hai’ During this turn of events, I realised, I have already met the one (according to blue print too). Yeah, I like her 🙂 (choosing words very carefully 😉 ) BUT she is waiting for a businessman from Punjab, which I am not!!

Dec – comes the good news that I will be released from project. But at the same time, spending more than 12 hours in office.

Learning in 2012, spiritual n financial progress in next post….                                                                                     To be cntd…


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  1. Waiting for next post 🙂

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