Dinacharya – Daily Routine – Ayurveda Way

It’s not my daily routine ;)! It’s what it ideally should be 🙂

1. Waking Up (Bramhamuhurta is best – 1.5hrs before sunrise is best! 1 Muhurt = 48mins ). There Rising Sunare hardly few people who see this time of day waking up.. wake up whenever but in morning!

2. Prayer – Prarthna

3. Washing face – Mukharjanam


4. Drinking Lukewarm water – Ushahpaan

5. Passing Stool – Maltyag (Don’t plan while passing stool. It can bring vata imbalance in body)

6. Washing Teeth – Dantdhawan

7. Gargling – Gandush (Possibly with hot water + salt/turmeric)

8. Applying oil over head and body – Abhyang – can be coconut/Til-sesame/sarso-mustard, etc (avoid mustard/sesame oil in summer)

9. Putting ear drops – Karnapuram

10. Massaging soles of feet – Padbhyang

11. Putting Nasal drops – Nasya

12. Exercise – Vyayam

13. Applying powder all over body – Ubatan

14. Applying Lepa over face – Mukh par lep!

15. Bathing – Snan

16. Wearing Clothes – Vastra Dharan

17. Eating – Bhojan

Add how much ever you can add in daily routine!

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