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My New Bike and Blessings

Last Friday, I got my new bike from Adyar Bajaj showroom. It was 6pm. I decided to go to my Uncle in Kilpauk and have good Pooja of new bike 🙂

I was all happy and smiling. And as I started MY 🙂 bike, a thought came. There is no body to seat behind today. 4 years back when I bought bike in Pune during my engineering, almost 70% of time, SHE was there with me. However purpose of buying bike here is to save time and health while working for mega events.

With these thoughts I drove for around a kilometer and then next thing in my mind was – I don’t know the exact route I should take. I just know BUS numbers 🙂 Which bus goes where….. and so the option I chose was to follow bus which goes to uncle’s place 🙂 and I was starting and stopping with bus, keeping the route in mind 🙂

After 3-4km drive, suddenly a though of DSN, that was going on that time here in Chennai with Vinodji, came to my mind. And I remembered a story that Vinodji told us, when I attended DSN with him last year, about his new car – where Guruji asked him – that usually people ask me to sit in their new car 1st….. before anybody else…. However moral of the story was different.

This all happened in a moment…. And I thought of Guruji seating on my bike and I asked him to forgive me as I remembered him only after 4km of drive.

blessingsAnd to make my smile bigger and bigger, guess what might had happened……….. !!!

It started raining 🙂 . And it just rained for about 5mins. I was in Mahilpur then.

After some time, I stopped following bus, as I was on familiar road. However I took wrong route to see Loyola College and then asking to people I reached to my uncle’s place…..

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