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PalioI am learning to drive a car. While I first sat on driver’s seat and hold the stearing I was so much aware of the road and how stearing change the direction…. 😉 pushing the clutch while changing the gear, using accelerator, etc

And suddenly a thought came, in few days, when I will be a good driver…. I will not be aware of all these things. Mind will go in such an effortless state that these things will happen without much of my attention….. as it happened when I learnt two wheeler driving.

With this thought, learning to drive a car became more of fun for me 🙂

Same is the case for any new thing we learn or go through….. while taking turn on our regular way to home, say, initially once or twice we look for signboards or some landmark on road but then in some days…..even without we knowing we take turn.

I am amazed and wonder about this ability of mind to go in effortless state. I dont know why it is so. But whenever i get this thought, it makes me more aware and brings Smile on my face 🙂 

***** Fiat Palio is the car I was driving ******

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