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Husband – Wife Jokes :D ;)

It’s copied from a mail i received 🙂

Angry wife to her husband

An Angry Wife To Her Husband 0n Phone:
“Where d Hell Are You …?”

Husband: Darling You Remember That Jewellery Shop Where You Saw The Diamond Necklace n Totally Fell In Love With It n I Didn’t Have Money That Time n I said “Baby It’ll Be Yours 1 Day … “O:)

Wife, With A Smile & Blushing: Yeah I Remember That My Love!

Husband: I ‘m in the Park Just Next To That Shop

Husband was seriously ill

Husband was seriously ill. Doc to wife: Give him healthy breakfast, be pleasant & in gud mood, don’t discuss ur problems, no tv serial, don’t demand new clothes & gold jewels,
Do this for 1 yr & he will be ok.

On the way home.. Husband: what did the doc say ?

Wife:- .No chance for u to survive

Habbit of talking in sleep

A Lady to Doctor:
My husband has  habit of talking in sleep! what shud i give him to cure?
Dr: Give him an Opportunity to speak wen hez awake

Wife: Do you want dinner?

Wife: Do you want dinner?
Husband: Sure, what are my choices?
Wife: Yes and no.

Your husband needs rest

Doctor: Madam, your husband needs rest and peace, so here are some sleeping pills.

Wife: Doc, when should I give them to him?
Doctor: They are for you.!!


Ha Ha…. Jokes

Before I write about my  ‘Tour de Rajasthan’, some jokes for YOU….. at your own risk 🙂 (this time, all in  Hindi)

1. Do dost tour par ja rahe the, raste me raat ho gayi, woh tent laga kar so gaye, raat ko ek ki aakh khuli aur usne dusre ko jagaya  (frnd 1) Aasman ki taraf dekh kar batao, tumhe kya najar aa raha hai?  (frnd 2) bohot sare tare… (frnd 1) isse kya pata chalta hai? (frnd 2) aasman khoobsurat lag raha hai… (frnd 1) abe saale, koyi tent utha kar le gaya!! 🙂 ….. okay it didn’t happen with me 😉

2. Santa ko Exam me answer nahi aata tha. To usne answer me ” !!!!! ” aisa kar diya aur likh diya, scratch karo aur answer pao 🙂

3. Shaadi me plate par tissue paper dekh kar Banta ne socha, ye bhi khane ki cheez hai, jaise hi khane laga to sab sardar chillaye…… oyyyeee, na kha, phika hai 🙂

4. Santa bulb ke niche muh khol kar baitha tha.. kyo???????????? kyoki doc ne kaha tha, tumhara pet kharab hai aur light hi khana 🙂

5. Santa ko ek machar pareshan kar raha tha, tang aa kar woh bed ke niche so gaya, tabhi waha ek jugnoo aa gaya, to Santa bola, Kamina ab torch lekar dhoond raha hai 🙂

6. Ek aadmi telescope se aasmaan dekh raha tha, Santa dhyaan se usse dekh raha tha, Tabhi ek tara toota, Santa Chillaya, “Wah boss kya nishana lagaya….” 🙂

7. Tin dost bed par so rahe the, un tino ko jagah thik se nahi mil rahi thi. Phir ek dost bed se niche sone laga. Dusra dost, ab jagah ho gayi hai…. upar aa ja 🙂

8. Boy: Uncle, Detol soap hai kya. Shopkeeper: (naak se ungali nikalte hue) Ha hai na!…. Boy: To haat dho kar ek cream roll de do 🙂

9. Do Sardar train ke piche bhaag rahe the, Ek chaadh gaya, to train me logo ne kaha – “Well done”‘. Sardar: Khak Well done.. Jaana to use tha 🙂 🙂 mai to chodne aaya tha :):):)

10. Santa ko Vodaphone me operator ki job mili. Pahle hi din use maar-maar ke nikal diya gaya… coz… 1st caller: mera Vodaphone ka sim block ho gaya hai… Santa: Toh pagal, Airtel ka le le 🙂

Girls, mistake and Sorry !!!

I got this image in a forwarded mail. Liked it a lot 🙂

What happens when guy does a mistake and if girl does it !!….. Enjoy 🙂

Keep Smiling 🙂

Some interesting One Liners

One liners below are not written by me. It’s a work of keys Ctrl+C n Ctrl+V 🙂 just for laugh

[1] Marriages are made in heaven. But so are thunder and lightning. Laughter

[2] Marriage is a relationship in which one person is  always right and the other is the husband!

[3] Marriage is when a man and  woman become as one. Trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

[4] A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.

[5] Mostly man wants a wife who is beautiful, understanding, economical and a good cook. But the law allows only one wife.

[6] Regular naps prevent old age,  especially if you take them while driving.

[7] Ladies first. Pretty ladies sooner.

[8] Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to  her or she’ll take it anyway.

[9] My girlfriend and I always compromise. I admit I’m wrong  and she agrees with me.

[10] A successful marriage requires falling in love many  times,…… always with the same person.


Man: Is there any way for long life?

Dr: Get married.

Man: Will it help?

Dr: No, but then the thought of  long life will never come


Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?

It’s a formality just like two boxers shaking hands  before the fight begins!


Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should we  do?

Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2  minutes..

[14] It’s funny when people discuss Love Marriage vs  Arranged. It’s like asking someone, if suicide is better  or being murdered.

[15] There is only one perfect wife in the world and every  neighbor has it!

I Bet yoU will Smile

1.Do what you Love (rare) So Love what you do  Similarly

Marry whom you Love (rare) So Love whom you married (Tough!!!!)

2.Before you say “I Love You” to a gorgeous gal…think on…. what will you do on her positive response:- You know better…….. right….  What will you do on her negative response:- you must say “I was Joking”

3.If you are in doubt –  whether the gal Love you or not – It’s very simple to guess…. Just check your pocket…. J

If you are smart you must be smiling by now……..if not start smiling to become smart J J J J


However there are only two breeds of people who can smile without reason:-

1.       Those who are mad

2.       Those who has done YES+/Art of Living course

Dear Reader – Keep smiling. It rocks.

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