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You cannot miss these videos…… amazzzzzing

Superb….. Awesome… fundu…. toooooo gooooooooood…. inspiring
Watch in sequence!!

Superb….. Awesome… fundu…. toooooo gooooooooood…. inspiring
Watch in sequence!!


Journey to Home town

Last to previous weekend I went to my hometown specially to see my Grandfather as he had gotten Paralytic attack and even the same time Rakshabandhan was there (we  celebrate it on RishiPanchami). Few points that i learnt (i already knew those ;)) :-

1. Discipline is Important: I am doing Certificaion course in Business Administration from IIM – Indore, for which I attend classes at NIIT Imperia Center via Video Conferencing. Each Saturday I need to attend the class. If I miss one, I will not get certificate till the time I attend the same class in next batch……. So from Chennai, on the way to my hometown, I first went to Nagpur to attend the class. I reached Nagpur by train at 8:20am. As my class starts at 9am, I rushed for class with luggage and after finishing my class at 12, I rushed towards station to catch train to my hometown at 1pm …….. Point here I wanted to mention is I might have skipped the class, if IIMI might not have been that strict 🙂

2. Company of friends matters a lot: On the way from class to station, one of my best friends, Anup came to pick me up. He is the one who will not even touch egg …. being Jain. And I remember, he telling me – how bad he felt when he ate cake, about which he came to know afterwards, that it was not eggless…. in 2nd year of engineering……. And now he adviced me to eat egg,etc and told – This is the time to build body, etc. Listening this I just smiled thniking of  how our  friends can change our life. Ofcourse he has not done YES!+ yet for stupid reasons.

3. I started reading Yoga Vasistha: Best part of my jourey is this. I already heard Guruji asking everybody to read “Yoga Vasistha”. After that I read on Rashmin Bhaiya’s blog…. something like ….. he was behind gals and he read Yoga Vasistha and he stopped it…… If you are thinking reading this book, one will not get married, etc ….Don’t worry…. Rashmin Bhaiya has recently got engaged 🙂

I was already eager to read this book as I had no choice as Guruji has told for the same. However I still took 6-7 months to start reading this. First 2 pages of book is little bit history n very confusing but after that each sentence of the book is toooooooo profound. The book is about conversation between Lord Rama and Sage Vasistha.


Reaching home, my Grandpa was too happy to see me after long time.

Rakshbandhan Gift for sister: I took costly 🙂 Salwar Kurta and a handbag for her. I went for shopping with my aunt n uncle for this. My sis liked it very much 🙂 and even everybody at home liked it 🙂

Meanwhile, I made everybody at home to seat and I translated “Yoga Vasistha” ‘s 1st 15pages…. thinking that listening to this they will understand why I am so involved in AOL and even Lord Rama had questions same as of mine. No doubt, Rama’s questions were much clear and much more deeper. However this didnt work as my parents hardly got anything from this book. Atleast they pretended like that. 🙂

Do read this book 🙂

Jai Gurudev

Propose NOT !!!!

Last three days, I started thinking of a gal more 🙂 ….

Though I didn’t want it to happen 🙂 (as she was from other cast –> parents issue <– whom I have listened rarely and then regretted, in past :), though they sometimes go wrong on one issue 🙂 )

And still I was thinking of her.

There were 2 things going on in my mind –

1. I was telling myself to be brave and fight with those thoughts. Now I realized that – I was resisting a thought, which eventually was coming again and again. Though I knew what resistance does, this point didn’t pop-up in my mind in last 3 days. (Art of Living – AOL people will understand this better)

2. My kind, loving human heart 🙂 was sometimes telling me it’s OK and in fact good…. Making me biased towards that girl.

best frnd2As thinking of leaving her thoughts was not working, I finally decided to tell her – what’s going on in my mind. And somehow I had hope that confessing this will solve the problem. And today I told her and I am free now J

Listening to me this girl only told me – you might have surrendered (AOL people only will understand this) it and might have been free. I was so surprised as Surrendering was so inherent to me and last three days I never had even a single though of this. I was so engaged in her goody-goody thoughts!!!! J

She only brought this point (Surrender) ahead…. Nice to have understanding, good friends around. 🙂

Anyway, now everything is back to normal. Tomorrow I will share part of what I actually wrote to her 🙂

Till then,


Smiling Auto drivers!!!!

If you are not getting what this title is…. read on

YES, we, volunteers of The Art of Living are now going to take “Navchetana Shivir” for Autowalas in Chennai. Just an example how Navchetana can change life:

Once the Navchetana was happening for 8th-9th Class Students in a Goverment school. And one day students were given homework to make their parents happy. Otherday after a course a girl came to teacher and started speaking with tear in her eyes –  till now I was not behaving properly with my mother, was not helping her in any of her work, was not listening to her at all. And today when I helped her in cooking, I felt so great. It’s because of you I was able to drop my silly thoughts and anger on her and was able to go close to her. I might have wasted my life time otherwise……..

Guys, it really really works….. Navchetana is free Shivir specially designed for lower strata of people… however anybody is welcome.

Keep Smiling 🙂

And hmnnn… It will be great if you can arrange Navachetana in your area. Let us know….. some instructor will definely take it up there. If any, you can put your questions in comment…. I will reply it 🙂

Time will come to say Good-Bye

Yesterday came the shocking news – one of my room-mates, Vishal was transferred to Pune. I didn’t believe the first time I heard that. But it was true. Other room-mate was having tears in his eyes.

Vishal was truly a Leader in our room. He used to take care of room accounting, arranging for picnics; movies, putting effort to solve water/electricity problem….etc and in addition he was brilliantly humorous.

We will really miss Vishal……..

Many of you might have experienced these sorrowful moments. For somebody girlfriend/boyfriend might have said good bye, or college professor or colleague in office or neighbor or doggy or….. Realize that one day we are going to say Good-Bye to planet earth.


We are here only for 60-70 years. When we don’t get enough time to love our loved ones why waste time in hatred, anger, abuse, etc. Make most of life before it’s too late. Time will not comeback. Live each moment to fullest.

A poor man celebrates New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates each day. But the richest man celebrates every moment.” (How rich are you) – Sri Sri

Best Couple

Here I am writing about couples before marriage…… 😉

Having girlfriend during college days is a matter of pride for many, isn’t it? With fast paced life, now even school kids are having their mates… that’s different story.lovebird

If you are experienced, you will easily be able to relate it: Every couple (in early part of relationship) thinks that theirs is the best pair in the world. Nobody else loves as deeply as them. Sad part is, for many, this remains reality only till the time talks for marriage begins….. duo start to think more practical, more of mind start coming in picture than heart(love) which was the case till then. Till the time one is in Love, anything and everything is accepted as it is. In Love there is total acceptance.

And why there are break-ups, I think mainly because acceptance stops – one starts finding faults in other…..sooner or later. That’s why 99% of love marriages are unsuccessful.

When you love someone and see their faults, stay with them and help them fill the holes” (instead of fighting and running away)  – Sri Sri

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