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READY – Review

Mast movie – one time watch… full time pass.

Usual Salman Khan.  It’s more like Hum Saath Saath Hai – big family+ more comedy n Drama. It’s freshly prepared but same dish 🙂

Asin looks good. Salman is great. Paresh Rawal is regular, comic. Music is awesome 🙂

However Romance expressed in Kutta-Kutia terms don’t go well! Villain tribe is little irritating n Child stand up comedian, Mohit  Baghel, is annoying.

Yap! Movie does not end without Salman going topless…


No One Killed Jessica – Review


Very serious movie, based on reality.

It’s a one time watch if you want to know the truth about Jessica Lall murder case. It’s no fun, slow moving, sad-sad type movie.

As shown in movie, Dynamic, spirited journalist  Rani Mukherji and all the time sad, Jessica’s sister Vidy Balan have done their job well.

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai and Golmaal 3 – Review

A nice youthful, romantic, gentle comedy movie – Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai. If you know Marathi, definitely go for it!

It’s the story of two complete strangers meeting each other and somehow end up spending a day together. A young women (heroin), from Mumai, arrives in Pune . And she asks for directions to a young man (hero) who is playing cricket. And they again meet each other in grocer’s shop and starts fight between the two if Mumbai is great or Pune for socio-cultural, attitudinal differences between people from Mumbai and Pune. And then for no apparent reason he continues following her 🙂 as it happens most of the time 🙂 and she too plays along, as her main purpose of visit is not getting served which is to meet a prospective groom in person and to tell him that she is not interested in proposal.


Mumbai Pune Mumbai


Arguments between two to prove greatness of their respective city goes on for the day with superb dialogues and comedy. And by the time she has to catch train back to Mumbai, they know a lot about each other’s lives, about people they loved once and lost, about their views on marriage and relationship, etc…….. Climax is also superb….. Go for it 🙂

Golmaal 3:


Golmaal 3


If you have absolutely nothing to do then go for this movie and now that you are in theater you should laugh as you have come to watch comedy movie!!! 😉

Only thing I liked in movie is Kareena’s dressing sense. Yap, there are 2-3 good jokes and scenes where laughter comes automatically…. for rest… better don’t talk !! 😉

Anjaana Anjaani – Review

Anjaana Anjaani – a supposedly romantic comedy movie is WORST to watch!!!

Instead watching this movie, have a good rest, at least you wont regret :):)

Bogus story, nothing to act, nothing at all in movie….. gr8 wastage of time in worst way!!

Movie starts with bad attempts of suicide and bad comedy and just something is shown .. not worth watching !!

Music is somewhat good though….

Dabangg review

Dabangg is a movie name as it’s clear from poster :). I was surprised when 2 of my friends asked what is it :). Dabangg means fearless.

It’s a good entertainment 🙂  though there is nothing much in the story. It’s old fashioned story where fight between good and bad is shown with some relationship drama and usual love story.

But Salman’s character – cartoonish, heroic, his action and energy is awesome :). Sonakshi looks good. And everybody has done their part well.

I liked this movie! Just keep your brain at home and you can enjoy this movie very much:)

How to Train Your Dragon

Simply superb entertaining movie. Watch it out !

Nice simple story told in told in much entertaining way.. with 3D effect and dazzling animation !!!  Moreover, a perfect family film 😉

What happens when you choose a way, your father specially doesn’t want you to…. is shown in cool way! And another point it brings out is – it’s so easy to misjudge 🙂 here in the movie complete species of dragon is misjudged by Vikings….

Just go and watch it out… you will feel good, happy, relax 🙂

3 Idiots

A must watch movie. Movie of the decade…..

It’s the hilarious skits between 3 friends doing engineering with profound message, super talented acting, direction, meaningful songs and small, little, nice romance.

I am translating one of the dialogue, here, I like the most – Don’t run behind success. Be Excellent. Then success has no other go but to follow you.

Movie take fairly serious take on Indian Education system where all you have to do is mug up and parents are also all for the marks there children are getting so that they get high paying jobs. What actually interests kid, doesn’t matter. So we are not making original thinkers.

It keeps putting the point, study for knowledge and life is not a race, in hilarious way. Movie doesn’t go too emotional at any point. It keeps you busy laughing, smiling, thinking. You will be able to see yourself in one or the other role.

Don’t miss this movie at any cost……. N’joy

Review: Delhi-6

A worst movie – not at all entertaining – maddeningly vague.

delhi-6There is nothing called “story” in this movie….. so many things combined together to take movie forward…. Hindu-Muslim inter-cast marriage, discrimination for lower cast people, Sonam Kapoor’s (heroin) aim to become Indian Idol, Hindu-Muslim fighting against each other for silly reasons, Abhishek and Sonam’s love, fight between two brothers, Plays from Ramayana and so many things revolving around maddening concept of “Kala Bandar” (Black Monkey).

Only good thing in the movie is A.R.Rahaman’s music….

Better take rest at home than going for this movie.

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