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Things I learnt

1. It’s all about being a nice person: Expressions of people differ time to time. And LOVE is what moves the world. So if YOU don’t

Being a nice person

understand unusual behavior of somebody, don’t go crazy. Remind yourself  “It’s all about being a nice person”. I have not said – Don’t show anger or don’t correct the person, etc

How did I discover this 🙂 is – I have different way of life and my family members want it to be on a different way! Justifying, arguing, talking to them is not working at all and problems were increasing day by day. Being on higher side with higher purpose, I discovered – “It’s all about being a nice person” 🙂 And I started appreciating Krishna much more for the way HE lived his life, being a nice person all the time and doing what he wanted to do or getting things done the way he wanted it to :).

2. Never Mind – There is nothing to be serious about. Just be sincere 🙂 YOU can be serious only in hospitals 😉 So never mind 🙂

3. Baat karne se hi baat banati hai (बात करने से ही बात बनती है|) – It will happen only if you talk! It’s for the things when you have to take initiatives. Never mind 🙂 Don’t think much. Just say it out. And you will get new ideas, ways, contacts. Don’t hesitate to talk or don’t be prejudiced…..


Visit 2 – Changlang

First time I was in Changlang, I was to take more and more courses and second time I was there to open Art of Living center and help two teachers, who recently finished their TTC (Teachers Training Course), take courses.

Opening a center seemed a bit bigger task but I knew it will happen as Guruji had put his Sankalpa. Only thing I was to do was give my 100% :).

With all known situation as I started relaxing and my focus got reduce from the goal, my challenges increased dramatically. It was one of the biggest learning from this visit – reemphasizing the point – being 100% all the time and not letting mind get distracted. You remove your focus and it will not work.

We got a place where we can open our center, thanks to Mingtu (envisioning better Changlang). But our State Teacher Coordinator Rajaqueji told that if I am not going to be there for at least next six months, there is no point opening center unless local (new) teachers take initiative. And it was quite obvious.

So I was to direct the teachers elder than me, channelize the energy of others who already wanted to contribute. And probably for the first time I was dealing with such a subtle challenge. Good news is we have our temporary center opened there.

Teachers on returning from Bangalore after completing their TTC, thanked me a lot. I was one of the main reasons (in the seen world) they were teachers, giving them last push. Hanpotji, one of the teachers told that she got so inspired from me to go for TTC. It feels so nice to hear that!! 🙂 🙂 :). And then to surrender it. Of course, Dixonji, another teacher already built the good base there.

One more shortcoming of mine that came out of this visit was in depth planning. I was in Changlang only for 23days with main focus of opening a center. I already had decided what all courses I was going to take there. But I didn’t decide exact date and place for courses, which kept changing for one reason or other, which made my work double.

However it was good, short, sweet visit.

Changlang Special-2!

For Part 1 of this post, click:


I decided dates for my first Part 1 course there and got chance to announce it on Republic day. I took permission from District Collector (DC) who was very supportive. While I was meeting people for this Part 1, somehow I met SP (Superintendent of Police) and Prison Course got decided. To take YES!+ in college, I met DC again and YES!+ got decided. Meanwhile I got call for TRM (Teachers Refresher Meet ). And there was a week time that I had! So I announced one more Part 1 and Navchetana 🙂

So each week, that I was there in Changlang, there was an AOL course happening :). I experienced the fact that many people had told as Guru Stories – YOU just have to be there, work is already done by HIM :). It’s such an amazing experience!

Everything there was so different: Culture, food, clothing, shelter. Once I bravely eat Cho-Cho which was pathetic in taste! With all affection I was offered ‘Pahadi Sabji’ (Mountain Vegetable), as I was not going to get it in my area! Having Pahadi Sabji, my tongue used to cry ;). Other than that there were normal vegetables too. And good thing was crops grown there were completely organic.

Society there was completely polarized – either Cristian or Hindu (following Rangfrah). Rangfarah is the deity worshiped by the major population of Changlang district, an indigenous god. Very few people are open minded. Most of innocent people were deceived so that they can be converted!!

Language was not a problem. Almost everybody understands Hindi there….

Overall it was a fantastic experience 🙂

Changlang Special -1!

Place where I stayed in Changlang

Changlang, a district in Arunachal Pradesh, on mountain, where you will not find even half a kilometer plane straight road. It’s all ups and downs, hilly, curvy, with greenery all over and water falls in between to amuse you. Needless to say it’s North East India.

This was my first visit to North India. And I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. The place is awesome, people are so innocent, helpful, relaxed. But they have different kinds of challenges there. And I was there to take ‘The Art of Living’ workshops.

When I was in Chennai I already googled Changlang. And though it’s a district place, population is still less than my hometown, a village in Maharashtra and there is only one college for graduation. So it gave me an idea that it’s not going to be so advanced. And I was already told that it’s Cristian dominated area. It anyway doesn’t matter as I was there to bring back smile on their faces! Also I came across some of the problems while browsing about Arunachal Pradesh –  Arunachal Pradesh and Assam border dispute, China and Arunachal Pradesh border dispute, opposition to hydroelectric power plants, etc. and on my way to Changlang, people told me about insurgency problem.

But when I actually reached there, challenges were little different. By the time I reached Changlang, there were three check-posts (after entering Arunachal border). And armed forces ( gun men) checking everybody. And I already started feeling little different! The place where I got down, opposite to SBI ATM, there were gun men. It made me little insecure. But I knew I am taken care of :). After 3-4 days, these gun men didn’t bother me anymore ;). I was habitual to them!

I was staying there with one of the middle school Principals who already had done Part 1 and Part 2 courses of Art of Living . And as unexpected it was house made up of Tin!

And then as I was meeting people to organize the course, the first big challenge that came was walking.  In fact it’s not walking, it’s climbing hills and getting down. As I already mentioned it’s situated on mountain. So it was so tiring and time consuming! And then I came to know that more than 90% people there are drug/alcohol addicts!

The only thing I used to think was let me be hollow and empty and give my 100%. And rest all is in HIS hand.

And so I got Amakaji’s number who helped me more than expected. And in few days I just became like family member. Mingtu, her

Me in river with bike I got

hubby, who has already done the course, and left drug habit, gave me the bike (one challenge solved :)) and introduced to many people.

People there are so relaxed. They so casually take break from school, for a year! Students in higher secondary are 18-19 years old. Office timings are morning 9am to 1pm and then lunch break for an hour or two and then by 4-4:30 office gets over. Shops also gets close by 6pm as it becomes so dark by then.  People have so much time, free time! They hardly have any source of entertainment, no theatres. So probably they tend to take drugs, etc. however people are very helpful. They prepare their Bambu house on themselves and almost everybody from young to old, know how to make house. And there are no carpenters!………………………………………………… to be continued

My Experience – Coordinating ‘My Country My Valentine’ – MCMV cntd


The biggest mistake that was done is – 50% of our expense was on Music and Light system for a famous Band. But we didn’t market/sell ticktes on band name….. We were too late to decide on things and then missed this obvious point or didn’t even think of going back and choosing some other option…..

We forgot the simple principle of ROI – Return on Investment 🙂

Never ever do such mistake again 🙂 However show was good 🙂

My Experience – Coordinating ‘My Country My Valentine’ – MCMV


It’s very easy to read and appreciate principles of management like delegating the work, resource planning, etc. But actual fun starts when it comes to real life project. And that too if it’s an NGO project with volunteers, it’s totally a different ball game.

First thing I learnt with MCMV is – delegation of work. Organising YES!+ courses, working with Mahindra Satyam, I knew this very well that delegation of work is important. I used to do it to a small extent. But with event comes so many heads – On Stage event, Off Stage event, from Ticket printing, hall booking, invitations to marketing, publicity, media coverage, sponsors, etc.

Again, assigning one person/group for each task remains easy but making sure that it gets completed in a given time line remains a  skillful job.  If you want to make event successful, you start getting these skills 🙂 (results doesn’t matter ;)). Of course being with seniors, definitely helps. To get these skills, you are most welcome to YES!+ Organizing team 🙂

Few pointers though: While delegating work, we need to clarify; make it crystal clear, what exactly we are looking for, what is the expected result.

After delegating the work, most of people were not able to complete the work in given time line. So what I learnt was – To move on with best possible things available at that time rather than waiting for perfect things, for longer time. Our hall got booked, poster got printed with whatever inputs we were having that time, even knowing that a lot better can be done.

Then, very lately i realized that people were thinking – Event is organised by me. It was not my event.  Then we sent mails and SMSs, to make sure that, the point gets established that it’s YES!+ Chennai event and I am just coordinating it. I was able to see the expected change in attitude of some of our volunteers then. It was very big realization for me….

Another thing is people come with many brilliant ideas. But it’s of no use if it’s not implemented 🙂 Anjana didi also told me that Chennai volunteers always have 1000 new ideas but they don’t work on it. So I made a point and worked on select ideas, dropping many better ones, with availability of people and time constraint.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… to be cntd….

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