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Poem – Money Cannot give you – धन से नही मिलता

I read the poem below in one of the Jewelry shops. I loved it 🙂 It was there in Hindi. So first the hindi version of it and then my translation!

धन से दवा मिलती है,

किन्तु सवासथय नही।।

धन से साथी मिलते है,

किन्तु सचचे मित्र नही।।

धन से एकानत मिल सकता है,

किन्तु शानति नही।।

धन से बिसतर प्रापत कर सकते है,

किन्तु निंद नही।।

धन से आभुषण मिलते है,

किन्तु रूप नही।।

धन से सुख मिलता है,

किन्तु आनंद नही।।

अतः धनवान हॊने के साथ साथ

चरित्रवान हॊना भी आवशयक है ।।

******************** English Translation in my Words ********************

Money can get you Medicine,

But not Health!

Money can bring people to you,

But not true friends!

Money can take you to peaceful place,

But not peace!

Money can get you bed,

But not Sleep!

Money can buy you Jewelry,

But not Beauty!

Money can get you comfort,

But not Happiness!

So with being rich,

Be a man of Character!!

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