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“Living Well Program” for People with Diabetes and Hypertension and those AT RISK

Experience The Touch of Life and leave the shadow of Chronic illness behind with a Special Program from ‘Art of Living’ for patients of diabetes, hypertension and for those who are AT RISK

Living Well – This is a holistic lifestyle modification course with objective to empower you to manage your illness and prevent complications by incorporating “Living Well” learning. First time in Thane

Key Features:

•             Improvement in disease condition through simple Yogasana, Pranayam and Unique “Sudershan Kriya”.

•             Helps people reduce risk factors through awareness and lifestyle modification

•             Powerful motivation to change lifestyle

•             Addresses social and psychological challenges

•             Easy to practice yoga exercise for a healthier body

•             The advantage of the course is that it is free from side effects


Diabetes and Living Well Program

Here are some ‘Diabetes’ facts:

1. India is the ‘Diabetes Capital’ of the world. Approximately, 61-million are already diagnosed to be diabetic. This translates to 20% of the world’s diabetic population!
2. Education is the key. Owing to poor awareness, a similar number is blissfully unaware of the condition that they are already suffering from.
3. As a result of such ignorance, even today, 70% of the diagnosis is ‘incidental’. That is when people have to undergo some surgery or when people are screened for jobs or insurance policies, the condition gets detected.
4. Diabetes is a condition that adversely impacts both morbidity & mortality
4. A healthy diet & exercise can delay onset and prevent complications arising out of diabetes.
Good News:
Living Well Program (LWP),  by Art of Living, focuses on education & increases awareness with practical easy to do techniques. It sensitizes & builds up the confidence of the diabetic persons. Considering the high incidence and the potential for complications, the program holds tremendous promise. Results are very convincing.
LWP is specific to people with diabetes & hypertension. If you are an Art of Living Teacher, then you can become LWP Teacher by attending orientation program. If you are already diabetic, just go for this wonderful program. And if you are all healthy, go for it to maintain your good health!! 🙂
PS: At present, there are just around 400 teachers world wide who can teach LWP. So don’t miss chance if you are getting one!

Google Hangout with my Master on 26th Jan 2013 – Sri Sri Ravishankar

This is going to be the biggest online event till date!

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Hissar Election

Congress must be thrown out of power as it has shown no wish/brought so many obstacles to bring strong Jan Lokpal. Anna has clarified this. Let Hissar election be an example for this so that it builds pressure on Congress, the party in majority in Lok Sabha, to bring strong Jan Lokpal in Winter session. Otherwise Congress should be ready to seat in opposition. I wish Congress get zero vote..
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1st collector for Hissar Election
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My Resignation


Blessing Course

Blessing Course – One of the fantastic courses Art of Living offers. I just finished it yesterday. I was really blessed to get an opportunity to do this. As name clearly suggests, after doing this course one can bless the people. So now even I can 🙂

After course finished, I blessed around 15 – 20 people. I followed up with 3 of them and they found a difference after getting blessings. I was so happy to hear that 🙂 .

Course contents and processes are all there to take you to surprise. Definitely do it 🙂

For more info :

Celebs going Vegetarian for Greener Earth

A 2006 UN report claimed that the meat industry produces more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined. Global meat production is responsible for 18 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions according to a study.

But there is a group for ‘converts’ who quit or never ate meat to do their bit for a greener lifestyle.

Check out the famous people who have made vegetarianism a way of life……..

Here are few names if you are lazy to click on above link:

Abdul Kalam,

Kareena Kapoor,

Vidhya Balan,

Amitabh Bacchan,

Brad Pitt,

Vishwanathan Anand,

Kate Vinslet,

Liv Tyler,

John Abraham,

Shahid Kapoor

Take Action Against GM Food

This is again an e-mail I have gotten from my friend to take action to keep India free of genetic contamination. Below is the mail and link:


Last year the GEAC a government body under the Environment Ministry almost approved the commercialisation of BT Brinjals without conducting proper safety tests. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of people like me the issue now depends on a public consultation which will take place across 7 cities in the country.

As members of the public we must let Environment minister Jairam Ramesh know our take on this issue and help him make the right decisions. Greenpeace and other environmental, agricultural and civil society groups are also putting in their efforts to ensure the same.

As citizens of this democratic nation, we too are stakeholders in such an important decision and our opinions on this issue certainly make a great difference. I have left a message for Jairam Ramesh  at –


Encouraging Change in Govt. Sector

We generally hear negative things about Indian Govt/Govt. officials. How they don’t function, etc. But here is the encouraging, positive example set by one of govt. officials…. that too using advanced technology 🙂

Below is the e-mail from my friend’s friend who was travelling through Metropolitan Transport Corporation( MTC) bus. But conductor refused to give ticket for asked destination, saying bus doesn’t stop there. Lets see how this guy made bus stop there 🙂

e-Mail from my friend’s friend:


Sometime back I was working in MEPZ facility, Chennai. I usually travel by Metropolitan Transport Corporation( MTC) bus, from my home to office. The stopping near MEPZ facility is called Sanatorium or MEPZ bus stop. MTC bus coming from Broadway/Parrys (or thro Mount road) mostly wont stop in MEPZ stop in early days. So I usually get down in the Chrompet stop(stop before MEPZ) and again catch another bus to MEPZ. After some time they have started stopping in MEPZ stop also.
One day I got up a bus(E18) in Teynampet stop and asked the conductor to give a ticket for MEPZ stop. He said, the bus wont stop there. I was arguging with him that I am going daily with the same bus and get down in the MEPZ stop. But he was keep on saying the same thing.. and then he said, I can request the driver to stop the bus. I dont wanted to do, irritated with conductor response. Suddenly I remembered a complaint phone no.(9445030516) I read in one bus sometime back. I called that no. and said about the incident that conductor is not stopping in the usual stop.
The MTC representative (person at the other end) asked me to give the phone to the conductor. The conductor was not interested to talking with his official. The MTC rep. asked me the bus registration no. and MTC registration no. He enquired where is the bus at that time and I said it is in Saidapet. The MTC rep. said he will come in the line and talk to them. I was curious how he will come and catch the bus.
After few mins. the wireless transmeter(to track the bus), near the driver in the bus started shouting… Driver stop the bus. Driver stop the bus in the left side of the road. Driver was not sure what is happening may be his first experience,  for others(including me) it is the real first experience. The driver stopped the bus and started listening to the transmeter. The MTC rep. enquired why the bus is not stopping in MEPZ stop. The driver said he stops in MEPZ stop and in the previous trip also he has done. The rep. asked him then why the conductor is saying like that. He asked the conductor what is the issue. The conductor was speechless. The driver somehow managed the situation and supported the conductor by saying that the conductor was new to this route. The driver asked excuse for the incident and said he will stop in the MEPZ stop.
The MTC rep. said he wanted to talk the passenger who called him. I went near the transmeter and spoke to the MTC rep. He said sorry for the incident happened and asked sorry on behalf of MTC. Everyone in the bus were surprised of things happening. I came back to my seat. The person next to me asked what is the no. and whom I called. He also took the no. The bus stopped in MEPZ stop then. After getting down I called the MTC rep. and said the bus stopped in the stopping.
It was a nice experience for me and others who travelled in the bus, including driver and conductor. Yes, nowadays good things are happening in goverment sector also and technology is used properly.
Complaint Phone no. for MTC bus: 9445030516, 9383337639



You might be interested in knowing where I was for last 25days OR how were my last 25 days…… For that you need to meet me, it’s not going to come on the blog 😉

Hmnmn….. I can’t keep it to myself 🙂 …. Last 25days were best, unforgettabel, awesome, superb, amazing n put all good superlative and exclamatory words you know 🙂 n for details meet me 😉

N another news is after Priyanka’s marriage with Australian chap,

Now its our MUTHU DIDI (YES!+ teacher who sustained and put YES!+ Chennai on growth track) who is goinng to marry another YES!+ Teacher from Canada – MAXIME. It seems Guruji has nodded positively when duo went to Guruji for his blessings. Duo will be in Chennai after winter break. So wait for big blast !!!!!!

Jai Gurudev

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