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Belated Goodbye to Mr hussain….

Thanks  a lot Hussain is no more an Indian now 🙂 He was the one who will unnecessarily create controversies. Rashmin Bhiaya’s blog says that all –


You cannot miss these videos…… amazzzzzing

Superb….. Awesome… fundu…. toooooo gooooooooood…. inspiring
Watch in sequence!!

Superb….. Awesome… fundu…. toooooo gooooooooood…. inspiring
Watch in sequence!!

What is this life for?

Long time back I had a question – What is this life for?

There are crores of people living on this planet. Nobody knows when one is born and when one dies. Or even if one becomes very famous, say Mahatma Gandhi, what’s the use? One has to die anyway.

Usually, it seems, why Adults live is to get Married 😉 , why parents live is to see their child prosper, why Grand Parents live is to see their Grand Child’s marriage…… etc (some lives for money, happiness, peace, success, ……. etc).

Purpose of Life

However question at any stage remains unanswered. What’s the purpose of life? What is this life for? Why are we born?


As in our exams, optional questions being optional are not answered, in life, such precious questions (purpose of life, etc) being optional remains unanswered. That’s why corruption, terrorism, etc grows. That’s why people keep struggling whole life!!!!

And as answers to such questions are not obvious, people avoid giving trouble to small brains. People equip (try to 🙂 equip) their brains with all the skills, knowledge to keep life going comfortably (which anyway goes on 🙂 ).

I can give hint to get answers to such questions – it’s simple…. Join Art of Living 🙂

Enjoying life and Worldly Problems

Almost everybody wants to enjoy life. FOR SURE….. 🙂

And each one has their unique ways to enjoy. Some play, some dance, some chat, some rome around……… so on. Here there is one thing to observe….. Most people enjoy their life to their capacity, up to a limit. Just for an example – We did not have Internet connection, AC in our room at start, now we had. As we have saved some money…… J

So most of us enjoy to a capacity and wants to increase this capacity and we are just busy in this routine…. We are in a race to become more happier, richer, smarter….. etc. We are basically GOOD people.

But what about imbalance that is already created in society? We have terrorists, corrupt politicians, pollution, etc. If we are just living for our happiness, our small aims, WHO WILL BRING BACK THE BALANCE?????

And other way round, do you think you will be happier with this imbalance around. It is going to hit you sooner or later…. if corrective action is not taken NOW….. it’s very evident….. it is the reason why terrorist activities are now so frequent in Inida, it is the reason why we are hearing about Green house effect more than anytime else!!!!

Only appeal is:

Get some time from your busy schedule for social cause. Bring your good ideas, thoughts into action. Prevention is always better than cure.

Common Man: Need to work in group

It’s very much evident that common man will not take any action against wrong things till the time problem is right there in his home. Common Man will just indulge in abusing the SYSTEM. Interestingly I found some reasons:

Let me explain with example:

*******************  Terrorism *******************

Terrorist: Just act. Doesn’t bother about results whether 2 or 10 are going to get killed. They just act.

Comman Man: Starts with Doubt. Whether the peace march I am participating will make any difference.

******************* Bogus Leader  *****************

Common Man: Very sure  about-  I will not be able to stand in between these corrupt politician?

********************* Poverty ********************

Common Man: What? Poverty has a solution that too in country like India. Impossible!!!

*********** Global warming, racism, etc ************

 When these and such other problems didn’t become problem in a day and these are not started by an individual, to solve these we need to work in a group and it will not be eradicated in a day. One man (hero in Movies) can’t solve these problems in reality. Somebody has to take lead and others have to follow. If somebody is not capable of leading, at least he can be a good follower.

If you were having solutions, that you just used to gossips with friends, and leave it without taking actions, then it’s worthless.  

Join/Form a group. Bring your solutions in reality. Prove your metal. Otherwise just shut-up. Don’t blame if you have made yourself helpless.

There are many NGOs working today for global cause. I joined “The Art of Living”, you decide for yourself. 🙂 Have a nice time 🙂


Today’s post is simply difference between Knowingness and Belief.

Think of which is better sentence:

1. I believe two plus two (2 + 2) equals four. OR

2. I know 2 + 2 = 4

Surely the second one. We will go little ahead….. if somebody asks your father about your character. What do you expect from your father (if you are good :))

1. I know he is good boy  OR

2. I believe he is good boy.


Definitely first one is better. Knowing the thing is more empowering than just believing. So start knowing the things.

So if somebody asks me – Do you believe in GOD?

My answer will be –  NO

Why – Because I know GOD……… and this was the answer given by Sri Sri

And this is one of the reason I love Art of Living – It promises  knowingness 🙂

Models of Life

One fine day I was talking to my uncle about, how I take Life  –

For me Life was purposeless journey. It started somewhere and going to end somewhere (without my wish, as of now 🙂 ). So question is whatever I do, why do I do those things?

Because I can’t live without doing things 🙂 and so whatever I do, I do it 100% – May it be programming in office, talking to friends, watching  TV, reading some book, volunteering, whatsoever…. however 100% time giving my 100% is still not possible for me.

And there my uncle said – “This is also a good model of life”. And for the first time, very surprisingly, I was listening – Model of Life!!!. That moment, my greatest philosophy of life just simply became one of several models. And only good part was my uncle said “it’s a GOOD model.”

I then realized knowingly or unknowingly we are bound, we are bound by our mind, by our mindset. May be some models of life uplifts us, make us successful and some becomes reason for our downfall. 

Here ends the story to make you think on – Models of Life. However one thing is there for sure:

With MASTER in life, whatever one does, he will be uplifted!!!!

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