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Encouraging Change in Govt. Sector

We generally hear negative things about Indian Govt/Govt. officials. How they don’t function, etc. But here is the encouraging, positive example set by one of govt. officials…. that too using advanced technology 🙂

Below is the e-mail from my friend’s friend who was travelling through Metropolitan Transport Corporation( MTC) bus. But conductor refused to give ticket for asked destination, saying bus doesn’t stop there. Lets see how this guy made bus stop there 🙂

e-Mail from my friend’s friend:


Sometime back I was working in MEPZ facility, Chennai. I usually travel by Metropolitan Transport Corporation( MTC) bus, from my home to office. The stopping near MEPZ facility is called Sanatorium or MEPZ bus stop. MTC bus coming from Broadway/Parrys (or thro Mount road) mostly wont stop in MEPZ stop in early days. So I usually get down in the Chrompet stop(stop before MEPZ) and again catch another bus to MEPZ. After some time they have started stopping in MEPZ stop also.
One day I got up a bus(E18) in Teynampet stop and asked the conductor to give a ticket for MEPZ stop. He said, the bus wont stop there. I was arguging with him that I am going daily with the same bus and get down in the MEPZ stop. But he was keep on saying the same thing.. and then he said, I can request the driver to stop the bus. I dont wanted to do, irritated with conductor response. Suddenly I remembered a complaint phone no.(9445030516) I read in one bus sometime back. I called that no. and said about the incident that conductor is not stopping in the usual stop.
The MTC representative (person at the other end) asked me to give the phone to the conductor. The conductor was not interested to talking with his official. The MTC rep. asked me the bus registration no. and MTC registration no. He enquired where is the bus at that time and I said it is in Saidapet. The MTC rep. said he will come in the line and talk to them. I was curious how he will come and catch the bus.
After few mins. the wireless transmeter(to track the bus), near the driver in the bus started shouting… Driver stop the bus. Driver stop the bus in the left side of the road. Driver was not sure what is happening may be his first experience,  for others(including me) it is the real first experience. The driver stopped the bus and started listening to the transmeter. The MTC rep. enquired why the bus is not stopping in MEPZ stop. The driver said he stops in MEPZ stop and in the previous trip also he has done. The rep. asked him then why the conductor is saying like that. He asked the conductor what is the issue. The conductor was speechless. The driver somehow managed the situation and supported the conductor by saying that the conductor was new to this route. The driver asked excuse for the incident and said he will stop in the MEPZ stop.
The MTC rep. said he wanted to talk the passenger who called him. I went near the transmeter and spoke to the MTC rep. He said sorry for the incident happened and asked sorry on behalf of MTC. Everyone in the bus were surprised of things happening. I came back to my seat. The person next to me asked what is the no. and whom I called. He also took the no. The bus stopped in MEPZ stop then. After getting down I called the MTC rep. and said the bus stopped in the stopping.
It was a nice experience for me and others who travelled in the bus, including driver and conductor. Yes, nowadays good things are happening in goverment sector also and technology is used properly.
Complaint Phone no. for MTC bus: 9445030516, 9383337639



Visit to Orphanage

Last Saturday, we (YES!+ gang and Part 1 crowd) visited one of the Orphanages (started by Guruji) to celebrate Diwali. First we had Satsang and then fireworks, followed by dinner.

During Satsang, all the kids were dancing and thoroughly enjoying and those kids started asking to take them on our (volunteer’s) shoulder. Just taking them on our shoulder was making them so much more happy. These kids actually long for Love. It was very hard for me just to imagine life like them where only those of there wishes got fulfilled (atleast in childhood) which are essential to live. All through my life I was taken care of by my parents. Thanks to teachers over there who are so dearly taking care of them.

Mostly it happens that we hardly value thing that we have got for free or we remain unaware of its value. Seeing  innocent faces of those kids, I was feeling so grateful to have parents and at the same time I was feeling good for those kids as somebody is taking care of them.

In today’s rat race of being so called successful, most of people remain busy earning and enjoying….. Enjoyment which hardly has any depth. Very few of us feel grateful that too ocassionaly. Thanks to Guruji for bringing such a light and gratefulness in my life.

Jai Gurudev

Close friend’s Marriage…. made me think a lot

Last week, around 19th Sept, one of my near and dear friend’s marriage is fixed. Within a month there is going to be her Engagement and Marriage. Events are rolling very fast for her and new set of thoughts for me.


Initially, she was little confused about her decision, as boy doesn’t know anything about “The Art of Living”. And this uncertainty, whether he will like AOL after marriage or not, was not letting her to be free and be completely happy. Needless to say, she is much more involved in volunteering and loves Guruji a lot.

Even I was very disappointed with this decision of hers. As the kind of involvement she has shown in AOL was at stake (according to me). It was after all her decision which is going to decide her future life. And this thought left me in still deeper thoughts. Wherever I am today, it was because of my decisions (of course, many times supported by people around). If I might had listened to my parents completely, I might have been too far from my beloved Guruj as..… yet Guruji is just a good human being for them.

This time particularly…. it was very hard for me to follow – “don’t give suggestions without being asked” and I was to take care of her feelings too as it(marriage) probably is going to be a biggest event in her life. So each time a thought/suggestion comes to my mind, I was smiling and saying “Jai Gurudev”.

With these set of thoughts, where I was becoming more and more aware of my and others decision making process, and with more Sadhana, and with Superb knowledge from Yoga Vasistha, I attended Chandi Homa in Ashram. Even on the day of Chandi Homa my mind was chattering a lot than usual.

During Satsang, finally my restless mind got rest J, when I heard from Guruji that – You will be given what is needed in right time….. So if it is time for her to come along, everything will be set right for her (with her future decisions). Otherwise game goes on J …. And so is going to be with me J

At end, it remains our decisions which matters…. Our decisions which are governed by so many seen and UNSEEN factors….. so I pray to Guruji to Guide me and make me take decisions which are good for me.

Jai Gurudev J

Journey to Home town

Last to previous weekend I went to my hometown specially to see my Grandfather as he had gotten Paralytic attack and even the same time Rakshabandhan was there (we  celebrate it on RishiPanchami). Few points that i learnt (i already knew those ;)) :-

1. Discipline is Important: I am doing Certificaion course in Business Administration from IIM – Indore, for which I attend classes at NIIT Imperia Center via Video Conferencing. Each Saturday I need to attend the class. If I miss one, I will not get certificate till the time I attend the same class in next batch……. So from Chennai, on the way to my hometown, I first went to Nagpur to attend the class. I reached Nagpur by train at 8:20am. As my class starts at 9am, I rushed for class with luggage and after finishing my class at 12, I rushed towards station to catch train to my hometown at 1pm …….. Point here I wanted to mention is I might have skipped the class, if IIMI might not have been that strict 🙂

2. Company of friends matters a lot: On the way from class to station, one of my best friends, Anup came to pick me up. He is the one who will not even touch egg …. being Jain. And I remember, he telling me – how bad he felt when he ate cake, about which he came to know afterwards, that it was not eggless…. in 2nd year of engineering……. And now he adviced me to eat egg,etc and told – This is the time to build body, etc. Listening this I just smiled thniking of  how our  friends can change our life. Ofcourse he has not done YES!+ yet for stupid reasons.

3. I started reading Yoga Vasistha: Best part of my jourey is this. I already heard Guruji asking everybody to read “Yoga Vasistha”. After that I read on Rashmin Bhaiya’s blog…. something like ….. he was behind gals and he read Yoga Vasistha and he stopped it…… If you are thinking reading this book, one will not get married, etc ….Don’t worry…. Rashmin Bhaiya has recently got engaged 🙂

I was already eager to read this book as I had no choice as Guruji has told for the same. However I still took 6-7 months to start reading this. First 2 pages of book is little bit history n very confusing but after that each sentence of the book is toooooooo profound. The book is about conversation between Lord Rama and Sage Vasistha.


Reaching home, my Grandpa was too happy to see me after long time.

Rakshbandhan Gift for sister: I took costly 🙂 Salwar Kurta and a handbag for her. I went for shopping with my aunt n uncle for this. My sis liked it very much 🙂 and even everybody at home liked it 🙂

Meanwhile, I made everybody at home to seat and I translated “Yoga Vasistha” ‘s 1st 15pages…. thinking that listening to this they will understand why I am so involved in AOL and even Lord Rama had questions same as of mine. No doubt, Rama’s questions were much clear and much more deeper. However this didnt work as my parents hardly got anything from this book. Atleast they pretended like that. 🙂

Do read this book 🙂

Jai Gurudev

Smiling Auto drivers!!!!

If you are not getting what this title is…. read on

YES, we, volunteers of The Art of Living are now going to take “Navchetana Shivir” for Autowalas in Chennai. Just an example how Navchetana can change life:

Once the Navchetana was happening for 8th-9th Class Students in a Goverment school. And one day students were given homework to make their parents happy. Otherday after a course a girl came to teacher and started speaking with tear in her eyes –  till now I was not behaving properly with my mother, was not helping her in any of her work, was not listening to her at all. And today when I helped her in cooking, I felt so great. It’s because of you I was able to drop my silly thoughts and anger on her and was able to go close to her. I might have wasted my life time otherwise……..

Guys, it really really works….. Navchetana is free Shivir specially designed for lower strata of people… however anybody is welcome.

Keep Smiling 🙂

And hmnnn… It will be great if you can arrange Navachetana in your area. Let us know….. some instructor will definely take it up there. If any, you can put your questions in comment…. I will reply it 🙂

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