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Why Modi and not AAP for 2014 elections

1) Hung Assembly doesnt mean enough ppl believe in AAP ! its not Delhi whr thr r no othr regional parties whr hung is jst AAP Vs BJP, BUT Nation whr thr r many such small isolated regional parties..

nd BJP is definetly emmerging as a single largest party nd AAP is vry minute to compete at national level.. only it would add a chunk to third front (wch is consisted of mny parties nd not jst AAP-so comeout of tht illusion tht hung assembly means enough vote for AAP-thts whr lies the lack of political knowledge)

2) AAP , if really wanted to do some good to nation should hve proved itself in Delhi nd contest #2019 whr it might be welcomed by many if it proves,, but haste to contest #LS2014 clarifies it has no good purpose thn cutting votes !! 

U may argue every party has right in democratic country, yes no one can stop them .. But yes If you choose to vote them, you are choosing country to go in thirdfront or hung assembly situation, and when Coalition govt forms it will only bring thrash to economy of country and which many foreign countries are wishing to happen thereby funding AAP etc.!

We very well know AAP cannot emmerge as single largest party (pls dont fool urself tht it can,by seeing 50lakh members, coz thr member lists also consits of Harry Porter and Angelina Jolie  LOL, funniest things ) SO choosing AAP is choosing to go towards coalition govt for country and which will certainly not be good !)

Dont think only from ur perspective,think of #IndiaFirst an Vote !!

Curtsey – Palak Ganatra 


Arvind Kejriwal’s U turn – All bcoz of political ambitions

Arvind Kejriwal;

Development Vs 2002 Riots – Gujarat

When we say Gujarat’s agriculture growth is 10-11% since whole last decade
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we say he made the Asia’s biggest solar plant,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we say Gujarat is d only state in the whole of india to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity to almost all of its 18,000 villages,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we recall to them World Bank’s statement of 2011 in which they said, Gujarat roads are equivalent to international standards,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we say Gujarat is the first state in country to have “high speed wireless Broadband service in its all 18,000 villages,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When in 2010 Forbes Magazine rated Ahmedabad the fastest growing city in the India and 3rd in world,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we tell them Gujarat Tourism is growing faster than ever before,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we tell them according to central Govt’s labour bureau’s report, Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in country,
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When Modi is being chosen as d best current Indian leader in almost all of those surveys & polls again n again
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When entire world talked the growth model of Modi and
he got listed in World’s Top TIME magazine for his work.
THEY SAY 2002 Riots!

When we say 2003-2013 is the only 10 straight years ever in Gujarat history which are complete Riot-free,
THEY STILL SAY 2002 Riots!

But when we remind them, 26/11 riots in Mumbai 2009, Assam Riots in 2012, 1984 anti-Sikh riots, 1947 Bengal riots, 1969 Gujarat riots,1980 Moradabad riots, 1983 Nellie Assam riots, 1989 Bhagalpur riots and more than 18 riots, all of which occurred during the CONgress rule,

THEY CHANGE THE TOPIC Altogether and say Narendra Modi is communal.

This time Indians are not interested in 2002, We are interested in “2014: The rise of INDIA” 


Above article is copied from Facebook page of “Narendra Modi for PM”. And here is the link: 

Congress is Selling Nation for Minority Votes to Terrorists

So Ishrat Jahan confirmed as a terrorist ?
1) FBI informed IB that Ishrat Jahan is an Islamist LeT suicide bomber. A ‘Fidayeen’ who wanted to assassinate Narendra Modi.
2) LeT’s website claimed Ishrat Jahan as one of their own.
3) Ishrat’s mother says Ishrat was kidnapped 4 days before she was encountered in Gujarat. Why was there no missing person’s report filed for 4 days ? Is it normal for a child to be absent from home for 4 days without a word on her/his whereabouts ?
4) Abdul Gani was killed in Ishrat Jahan encounter and he could be heard on tape speaking to Lashkar Commander.
5) One of the rare public cases where we find Indian intelligence coordinating with foreign intelligence, acting on it well in time to prevent a terror attack.
Reward for this ? government uses the CBI to attack IB. Gujarat IPS officers are falsely framed and harassed. Modi is vilified again.

Ishrat Jahan case is a clear testimony to the fact that Congress will sell this nation for minority votes. It will protect terrorists like Ishrat Jahan and punish patriotic officers who eliminate them. It will manipulate the system and compromise national security to stay in power.
What will it take for Virat Hindus to unite and eliminate this terrorist-traitor nexus off from our nation ?
Subramanian Swamy

Organic Food Revolution – My new blog

Organic Food Revolution – My new blog

This blog aims at gathering all the information about Organic Food from credible sources on Internet, Print Media, etc. and present it to you.

Dussehra Special YES!+

Dussehra Special YES!+

Let us win over vices and realize our True Potential with fantabulous YES!+ Workshop @ Sec 71, Noida.

Skill of Living

Have a desire in your mind to experience the Divine Light. The higher goals in life can be realized only through a few minutes of meditation and introspection. A few quiet moments are a source of creativity. Some time during the day, sit for a few minutes, get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and kick the world away like a ball. But, rest of the time, be 100% attached to your work. Eventually, you will be able to be both attached and detached. This is the skill of living, THE ART OF LIVING.
-Sri Sri

Accident that I saw LIVE

Yesterday after watching Amazing Spiderman at Spice, Noida when I was returning to my PG in a ric I saw a terrible accident – Skoda hitting santro. It was so bad – Skoda took 1 turn and it was then standing on it’s right door instead of wheels around 100meters away and Santro reduced in size to almost 1/3rd with engine gone.

Just before the accident, the thought that crossed my mind was “All I have is this moment”. And I specially remembered this because I thought of making it my Status Message and the next moment as the cars hit, I chanted Om Namah Shivay and asked ric to stop immediately. As I saw nobody was injured in Santro – 5 people including 2 children, I ran towards Skoda. By  that time almost 15-20 people were gathered there. It was around 11:15pm then. There was only one guy in Skoda and he  was also safe. He came out from car’s broken front cover and started talking on mobile.

As everybody was safe, I turned back to ric thinking now there is no point staying there and listen to whole blame game and drama. Meanwhile another gentleman stopped his car near Santro and offered help to ladies and kids in Santro to drop them home safely as he knew the man in Santro was to witness big drama ahead. It was for sure the mistake of guy in Skoda. He was driving as if he was king of the road and his car is accident proof.

Now as I write I understand there is no point connecting events as “There are 100s of reasons for a cause and there are 100s of causes for a reason”. In short everything is just a Happening.

This was what was coming to my mind, just after accident, as I sat in ric again –

As nobody was injured in such a terrific accident, is it the power of my Om Namah Shivay. I know my words carry power but this much! Next thought was, is it because there was Sudershan Kriya tape in my bag. Next was – it’s such a nonsense to even think this. Next was – Noida is not a safe place to live in. Next was, Money is not your security in life. Next was – All I have is this moment and I brought back big smile on my face, made my resolve stronger to make this place a better place to live in.

Be Contented!

When you do something good work, you want to keep doing more and so you don’t feel contented

When you are not able to do, then also you don’t feel contented.

Learn to be contented in any situation. Know that there is no end to work. Mind needs to cultivate habit to be contented.

What you can do, just do it and be contented.
What you can not do, just surrender it and be contented.
What you intend to do, make a sankalpa & surrender and be contented.

– Sri Sri

Where is Lokpal bill heading!

Government is completely DISinterested in bringing strong Lokpal bill. This will be very clear after reading note below. And if government still want us not to talk against it, it’s just impossible.

What could be the reason that government doesn’t want to bring strong Lokpal! – It’s simple. Corruption of the people in power will be exposed and they will not have any chance to do corruption anymore. And I am against Corruption so whosoever is against Lokpal, I am against him/it. And at present it’s Congress leaders doing so by various menas – by linking civil society members to RSS or by defaming them and … GOD knows what ways!

Whatever! I am against Corruption! I am with Anna and Team for Strong Lokpal!


I have gotten below text from India Against Corruption’s Notes on facebook. If you are on facebook and have still not ‘Like’d India Against Corruption page, please do so. Here is the link –

Details of Discussion from the Drafting Committee Meeting on 15-6-2011

The government’s intentions became very clear today. It wants to kill Lokpal before it were born. They want to create a Lokpal without any administrative or investigative machinery – an emaciated and disempowered Lokpal.

Government says that it would be an eleven member body. Benches of these eleven members would take all decisions. Government says that Lokpal would have powers to receive public grievances from ordinary people. So, if an income tax officer demanded a bribe to give an income tax refund in Bangalore, the citizen will have to make a complaint to the eleven member body in Delhi and come to Delhi for hearings. “There would be thousands of complaints from across the country. How will these eleven members deal with it?” asked civil society members. The government did not reply. They just announced their decision. This is a sure way of killing Lokpal before it was born. We wanted a Lokpal with officers working under it at district level, who would have powers to deal with cases at local level. Government refuses to accept that model.

It was clear today that the government had already made up its mind. The talks were just a formality. Inside the committee, the civil society members keep arguing strenuously on each point and the government ministers simply announce their decisions, even if they do not have arguments.

In the end, the government nominees suggested that we bring our version of Lokpal Bill in the next meeting, they would bring their version of Lokpal Bill. In the next meeting, they would see whether there could be consensus on any more issues. Finally two Bills will be sent to the Cabinet.

We demanded copies of audio tapes of the proceedings so far. They refused. We said that we were committee members and should have a right to take copies of audio tapes of the proceedings. They said they could consider it after all the meetings were over. We said – “do you promise to give us copies of all tapes in the last meeting?” Again they were non-committal. It is really surprising why is the government hesitating in making the discussions public? Perhaps the world would come to know that the government has vetoed on practically all points without having any valid arguments.

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