Service Initiatives

This page contains links and information about TRANSFORMATION that ‘Art of Living‘ has brought in people’s life through it’s service initiatives. I thought of putting this page after being asked for/questioned about our work! I observed that when an Organisation becomes so big, beyond people’s imagination and when it works on grass root level, people seem to get confused on what’s really happening, as many of them lack the tendency to research. They just form an opinion and start giving comment. One more thing associated with grass root level work is changes becomes visible over a period of time… and here are few of those –

1. Rural Development Program

Story of Transformed villages –

Do press ‘Next’ button in this link and go through full story !! 🙂

Kapsi – A Village reborn

2. AOL in Iraq

Sri Sri Ravishankarji, My master visited Iraq –

I met 2 of our Art of Living teachers who worked their even in war time…. One of  my friends said – What’s big deal meeting politician over there. But you forget that there goes lot of ground work that makes it possible. Ground work I am talking about is – bringing transformation in thousands of people’s lives. For people who just seat and browse it might be hard to imagine, but we do work hard and we do work smart 🙂 Do join YES!+ OR any of Art of Living course 🙂

3. Even after knowing the fact that Art of Living is present in more than 150 countries, few people doubt that it’s religious, below link    for them – Do press ‘Next’ button in this link.. 🙂

4. Vidarbha Farmers – No suicide took place after Art of Living volunteers worked there then –

5. Traumatised Lanka cricketers find solace in ‘Art of Living’

6. Art of Living Pakistan site – Talking about founder –

I added it here as for many Indians, name Pakistan brings special attention !! 🙂

7. Russian Military project

8. Trauma Relief for Tsunami Victims

9. Trauma-hit Air India staff

10. Art of Living, NRI to revive stinking Sursagar

and there are soooooooooo many other projects undertaken. YOU can put one you have come across in comments 🙂

I will keep updating this list 🙂


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