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Google Hangout with my Master on 26th Jan 2013 – Sri Sri Ravishankar

This is going to be the biggest online event till date!

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Put your questions in video form on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aekez2Regl8

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Visit 2 – Changlang

First time I was in Changlang, I was to take more and more courses and second time I was there to open Art of Living center and help two teachers, who recently finished their TTC (Teachers Training Course), take courses.

Opening a center seemed a bit bigger task but I knew it will happen as Guruji had put his Sankalpa. Only thing I was to do was give my 100% :).

With all known situation as I started relaxing and my focus got reduce from the goal, my challenges increased dramatically. It was one of the biggest learning from this visit – reemphasizing the point – being 100% all the time and not letting mind get distracted. You remove your focus and it will not work.

We got a place where we can open our center, thanks to Mingtu (envisioning better Changlang). But our State Teacher Coordinator Rajaqueji told that if I am not going to be there for at least next six months, there is no point opening center unless local (new) teachers take initiative. And it was quite obvious.

So I was to direct the teachers elder than me, channelize the energy of others who already wanted to contribute. And probably for the first time I was dealing with such a subtle challenge. Good news is we have our temporary center opened there.

Teachers on returning from Bangalore after completing their TTC, thanked me a lot. I was one of the main reasons (in the seen world) they were teachers, giving them last push. Hanpotji, one of the teachers told that she got so inspired from me to go for TTC. It feels so nice to hear that!! 🙂 🙂 :). And then to surrender it. Of course, Dixonji, another teacher already built the good base there.

One more shortcoming of mine that came out of this visit was in depth planning. I was in Changlang only for 23days with main focus of opening a center. I already had decided what all courses I was going to take there. But I didn’t decide exact date and place for courses, which kept changing for one reason or other, which made my work double.

However it was good, short, sweet visit.

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