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Google Hangout with my Master on 26th Jan 2013 – Sri Sri Ravishankar

This is going to be the biggest online event till date!

Join the Event by RSVP on https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/coba0vjo57hl8g0p5pb1r2in6ks

Put your questions in video form on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aekez2Regl8

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Dussehra Special YES!+

Dussehra Special YES!+

Let us win over vices and realize our True Potential with fantabulous YES!+ Workshop @ Sec 71, Noida.

Skill of Living

Have a desire in your mind to experience the Divine Light. The higher goals in life can be realized only through a few minutes of meditation and introspection. A few quiet moments are a source of creativity. Some time during the day, sit for a few minutes, get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and kick the world away like a ball. But, rest of the time, be 100% attached to your work. Eventually, you will be able to be both attached and detached. This is the skill of living, THE ART OF LIVING.
-Sri Sri

Art of Living Works

Que: Guruji, at work I have to face certain political situations where people are against me. How do I stay centered and calm at that point of time? Later when I come home and do my kriya and think of you, I get that calmness.

Sri Sri: Suppose you had not done the course, how would you have reacted to the same situation? Just take a look. There are two issues in life, one is life before Art of Living and the other is life after Art of Living. So gradually you will grow into that centeredness. Even though you feel a little shaky at that time, never mind, you continue your practice. One day you will suddenly find that you are happy come what may. Nothing is taking your happiness. That type of awareness will come one day.

Transforming Lives – Service Initiatives

I have added new page – “Service Initiatives” (see above 🙂 ). It talks about few of the projects Art of Living has undertaken and how people’s lives are transformed. Do add more links and info in comments.


I have updated “My Schedule” too 🙂


Assassination bid on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I knew for sure that nothing will happen to my Beloved Master. It’s just impossible. What hurt me was somebody thinking and acting like this (A shot getting fired in our Art of Living International Center, Bangalore). A lot of work has to be done. We need to spread message of Love 🙂 and bring Smile on Every face…… 🙂

For news from reliable source, click below


As Guruji said – “Many people have suffered because of violence. We need to drastically strengthen the voice of Non Violence.” Let’s get together and make it a reality.


Blessing Course

Blessing Course – One of the fantastic courses Art of Living offers. I just finished it yesterday. I was really blessed to get an opportunity to do this. As name clearly suggests, after doing this course one can bless the people. So now even I can 🙂

After course finished, I blessed around 15 – 20 people. I followed up with 3 of them and they found a difference after getting blessings. I was so happy to hear that 🙂 .

Course contents and processes are all there to take you to surprise. Definitely do it 🙂

For more info : http://www.artoflivingindia.in/course_advanced.asp

Different roles to play in life… meeting with Vinodji

Yesterday I attended meeting with Vinodji (Vinod Menon). It was awesome and different than what I was expecting.
When I entered the meeting room with Ashwani, I was shocked to see Vinodji already discussing with other teachers. (Ok. One more thing, it was meeting only for teachers 🙂 ). I was expecting some strict action or comment being late, but that was not the case. Actually we reached 10 mins ahead of time but he started talking even before that :).
Vinodji was completely in chill out mood and we joined discussion smoothly 😉 . It was all going casually, in fun way and still hitting our intellect hard 🙂 . In fact, that was the point he wanted to make – how much intellectual rigor we have to know, to research….. as, AOL related things we keep taking for granted or with faith, etc. It was too good the way he took it 🙂
Another great learning was – we play different roles at different point of time and if we get stuck to one role it might create problem. I was expecting Vinodji to be strict as he was in DSN (I did it with him before 2years). But here in this formal meeting he was completely different. So point was so clear, obvious with LIVE example – behave as a teacher in course and not in home 🙂 behave as a son, brother.. in home, behave as a employee in office, behave as a boyfriend to your gal;) . Otherwise it really creates problem 😉 .
Vinodji asked us to work on to remove the 9 obstacles on the path of Yoga that are mentioned in PYS….. and one good point he mentioned was – there is REST in every emotion/ every thing in nature. And Uparati means to take/seek rest in/from any given situation. I liked this point very much…. say you are frustrated and you are seeking rest even from frustration. Nice ha 🙂
And few more things he told us….. you should definitely meet him whenever you get a chance …. after all he is embodiment of excellence 🙂

Recent DSN with Bau and Dinesh da

For those who don’t know what DSN is – read the full forms below 🙂

  • Divya Samaj ka Nirman
  • Don’t Say No
  • Dynamism with Spirituality and Naturality

And one that I came to know in this DSN is:

  • Do Something New

I hope you might have form a picture of what DSN is, by now. But it’s all set to break once you are participant of DSN 😉 . It’s one of the brilliant workshops by Art of Living for creation of Divine society….

I being volunteering for this DSN, got more time to spend with vibrant duo – Bau and Dinesh da. Just being in their company, I learnt a lot. They are 100% in their every action. While teaching they just teach, while playing just play, while reading just read…. There is no confusion or no second thought for anything. They are so clear about everything and never in hurry for anything. I got to play ‘Saint Petersburg’ – a board game with Bau. It’s superb. I wanted to play it again with him. But didn’t get time.

One day I was coming with Dinesh da in car and he started meditating (didn’t know when :)) and breaks and jerks were not disturbing his meditation 🙂 . When he started for the course from home, he 1st touched Bau’s feet and then hugged him. I was so surprised at this. They are together for more than 15 years now, I guess. Such a deep love and respect they have for each other. It was amazing.

New format DSN was really challenging and serving its purpose :). Few participants told me that – they never ever had a though that they can….. do this. It’s possible :).

It was fulfilling, challenging, learning, fun for participants.

Jai Gurudev !

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