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Congress is Selling Nation for Minority Votes to Terrorists

So Ishrat Jahan confirmed as a terrorist ?
1) FBI informed IB that Ishrat Jahan is an Islamist LeT suicide bomber. A ‘Fidayeen’ who wanted to assassinate Narendra Modi.
2) LeT’s website claimed Ishrat Jahan as one of their own.
3) Ishrat’s mother says Ishrat was kidnapped 4 days before she was encountered in Gujarat. Why was there no missing person’s report filed for 4 days ? Is it normal for a child to be absent from home for 4 days without a word on her/his whereabouts ?
4) Abdul Gani was killed in Ishrat Jahan encounter and he could be heard on tape speaking to Lashkar Commander.
5) One of the rare public cases where we find Indian intelligence coordinating with foreign intelligence, acting on it well in time to prevent a terror attack.
Reward for this ? government uses the CBI to attack IB. Gujarat IPS officers are falsely framed and harassed. Modi is vilified again.

Ishrat Jahan case is a clear testimony to the fact that Congress will sell this nation for minority votes. It will protect terrorists like Ishrat Jahan and punish patriotic officers who eliminate them. It will manipulate the system and compromise national security to stay in power.
What will it take for Virat Hindus to unite and eliminate this terrorist-traitor nexus off from our nation ?
Subramanian Swamy


Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill proposed by the government

I don’t understand why the hell government (Congress) want only bogus, ineffective bills in country?

Below mentioned text is from http://www.scribd.com/doc/73464511/Comments-on-Citizens-Right-to-Grievance-Redress-Bill-2011

The Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill proposed by the government providing for citizen’s charters and seeking timely redressal of citizens grievances suffers from several critical deficiencies.
1. It provides for a highly centralized system of grievance redressal which is bound to collapseunder its own weight within a few days of its implementation. According to the proposedbill, if a citizen fails to get his grievance redressed from the grievance redressal officer andthe head of that department, the grievance would go to the State Public GrievanceCommission consisting of 5 members and stationed at state capital. One wonders how wouldthis 5 member body deal with grievances from all the villages and cities of the entire stateagainst all departments which could run into lakhs, if not crores. Still worse is the fact that anappeal against State Public Grievance Redressal Commission would lie before a 5 membersCentral Public Grievance Commission stationed in Delhi. This 5 member Central PublicGrievance Commission would be expected to solve all the grievances against all state andcentral government departments of 120 crore population. Obviously the system is designed tocollapse.
2. The penalty clause for non redressal of grievance is vague, weak and fails to provide aneffective deterrence against non performance. There is no penalty provided against the Headof the Department.
3. The bill provides for a selection committee but does not provide for the composition of search committee and is silent on the selection process.
4. The bill is silent on grounds and procedure for removal of non performing and corruptmembers of the Public Grievance Commissions.
5. The definition of complaint is so vast that the grievances related to violation of citizencharters which mostly leads to demand for bribery would get submerged into the ocean of other non critical grievances.
6. The bill does not provide for compensation to the aggrieved citizen

Hissar Election

Congress must be thrown out of power as it has shown no wish/brought so many obstacles to bring strong Jan Lokpal. Anna has clarified this. Let Hissar election be an example for this so that it builds pressure on Congress, the party in majority in Lok Sabha, to bring strong Jan Lokpal in Winter session. Otherwise Congress should be ready to seat in opposition. I wish Congress get zero vote..
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1st collector for Hissar Election
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Why I dislike Congress!

Few of the reasons why I dislike Congress:

Today, when Ramdev Baba ended his fast (against black money and corruption) in hospital after 9 days, guess, where were Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi… They were in Switzerland!!…. cleaning out their accounts.. now people dont give me logic that ‘they have gone for a vacation’

Itinerary of the trip is Dubai-Switzerland-Italy (to finally launder the money)

Check out my previous post that will support this:


Whosoever is raising voice against corruption is entitled RSS agent by Congress..

 Times of India 


I am not anti-congress.I jst don’t like party which has Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal, Arjun Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, Sonia Gandhi as leaders.

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