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Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 at Thane

Do you want to learn YOGA?
Is yoga difficult for you?
Do you want to have a fit and flexible body & calm mind!
Then this is for “YOU”
*Sri Sri Yoga – Level 1*
🌷Blissful meditations
🌷 Diet Tips
1. Venue 🏠: Happiness Center, Above Navnit motors, Gokul nagar, Thane west
⏲For Evening Batch 7:00 to 9:15PM
Dates: 1st – 5th February
Open to all (Limited seats)
To register ☎:

Dinacharya – Daily Routine – Ayurveda Way

It’s not my daily routine ;)! It’s what it ideally should be 🙂

1. Waking Up (Bramhamuhurta is best – 1.5hrs before sunrise is best! 1 Muhurt = 48mins ). There Rising Sunare hardly few people who see this time of day waking up.. wake up whenever but in morning!

2. Prayer – Prarthna

3. Washing face – Mukharjanam


4. Drinking Lukewarm water – Ushahpaan

5. Passing Stool – Maltyag (Don’t plan while passing stool. It can bring vata imbalance in body)

6. Washing Teeth – Dantdhawan

7. Gargling – Gandush (Possibly with hot water + salt/turmeric)

8. Applying oil over head and body – Abhyang – can be coconut/Til-sesame/sarso-mustard, etc (avoid mustard/sesame oil in summer)

9. Putting ear drops – Karnapuram

10. Massaging soles of feet – Padbhyang

11. Putting Nasal drops – Nasya

12. Exercise – Vyayam

13. Applying powder all over body – Ubatan

14. Applying Lepa over face – Mukh par lep!

15. Bathing – Snan

16. Wearing Clothes – Vastra Dharan

17. Eating – Bhojan

Add how much ever you can add in daily routine!

More info:

“Living Well Program” for People with Diabetes and Hypertension and those AT RISK

Experience The Touch of Life and leave the shadow of Chronic illness behind with a Special Program from ‘Art of Living’ for patients of diabetes, hypertension and for those who are AT RISK

Living Well – This is a holistic lifestyle modification course with objective to empower you to manage your illness and prevent complications by incorporating “Living Well” learning. First time in Thane

Key Features:

•             Improvement in disease condition through simple Yogasana, Pranayam and Unique “Sudershan Kriya”.

•             Helps people reduce risk factors through awareness and lifestyle modification

•             Powerful motivation to change lifestyle

•             Addresses social and psychological challenges

•             Easy to practice yoga exercise for a healthier body

•             The advantage of the course is that it is free from side effects

Diabetes and Living Well Program

Here are some ‘Diabetes’ facts:

1. India is the ‘Diabetes Capital’ of the world. Approximately, 61-million are already diagnosed to be diabetic. This translates to 20% of the world’s diabetic population!
2. Education is the key. Owing to poor awareness, a similar number is blissfully unaware of the condition that they are already suffering from.
3. As a result of such ignorance, even today, 70% of the diagnosis is ‘incidental’. That is when people have to undergo some surgery or when people are screened for jobs or insurance policies, the condition gets detected.
4. Diabetes is a condition that adversely impacts both morbidity & mortality
4. A healthy diet & exercise can delay onset and prevent complications arising out of diabetes.
Good News:
Living Well Program (LWP),  by Art of Living, focuses on education & increases awareness with practical easy to do techniques. It sensitizes & builds up the confidence of the diabetic persons. Considering the high incidence and the potential for complications, the program holds tremendous promise. Results are very convincing.
LWP is specific to people with diabetes & hypertension. If you are an Art of Living Teacher, then you can become LWP Teacher by attending orientation program. If you are already diabetic, just go for this wonderful program. And if you are all healthy, go for it to maintain your good health!! 🙂
PS: At present, there are just around 400 teachers world wide who can teach LWP. So don’t miss chance if you are getting one!
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