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Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 at Thane

Do you want to learn YOGA?
Is yoga difficult for you?
Do you want to have a fit and flexible body & calm mind!
Then this is for “YOU”
*Sri Sri Yoga – Level 1*
🌷Blissful meditations
🌷 Diet Tips
1. Venue 🏠: Happiness Center, Above Navnit motors, Gokul nagar, Thane west
⏲For Evening Batch 7:00 to 9:15PM
Dates: 1st – 5th February
Open to all (Limited seats)
To register ☎:

Things I learnt

1. It’s all about being a nice person: Expressions of people differ time to time. And LOVE is what moves the world. So if YOU don’t

Being a nice person

understand unusual behavior of somebody, don’t go crazy. Remind yourself  “It’s all about being a nice person”. I have not said – Don’t show anger or don’t correct the person, etc

How did I discover this 🙂 is – I have different way of life and my family members want it to be on a different way! Justifying, arguing, talking to them is not working at all and problems were increasing day by day. Being on higher side with higher purpose, I discovered – “It’s all about being a nice person” 🙂 And I started appreciating Krishna much more for the way HE lived his life, being a nice person all the time and doing what he wanted to do or getting things done the way he wanted it to :).

2. Never Mind – There is nothing to be serious about. Just be sincere 🙂 YOU can be serious only in hospitals 😉 So never mind 🙂

3. Baat karne se hi baat banati hai (बात करने से ही बात बनती है|) – It will happen only if you talk! It’s for the things when you have to take initiatives. Never mind 🙂 Don’t think much. Just say it out. And you will get new ideas, ways, contacts. Don’t hesitate to talk or don’t be prejudiced…..

Different roles to play in life… meeting with Vinodji

Yesterday I attended meeting with Vinodji (Vinod Menon). It was awesome and different than what I was expecting.
When I entered the meeting room with Ashwani, I was shocked to see Vinodji already discussing with other teachers. (Ok. One more thing, it was meeting only for teachers 🙂 ). I was expecting some strict action or comment being late, but that was not the case. Actually we reached 10 mins ahead of time but he started talking even before that :).
Vinodji was completely in chill out mood and we joined discussion smoothly 😉 . It was all going casually, in fun way and still hitting our intellect hard 🙂 . In fact, that was the point he wanted to make – how much intellectual rigor we have to know, to research….. as, AOL related things we keep taking for granted or with faith, etc. It was too good the way he took it 🙂
Another great learning was – we play different roles at different point of time and if we get stuck to one role it might create problem. I was expecting Vinodji to be strict as he was in DSN (I did it with him before 2years). But here in this formal meeting he was completely different. So point was so clear, obvious with LIVE example – behave as a teacher in course and not in home 🙂 behave as a son, brother.. in home, behave as a employee in office, behave as a boyfriend to your gal;) . Otherwise it really creates problem 😉 .
Vinodji asked us to work on to remove the 9 obstacles on the path of Yoga that are mentioned in PYS….. and one good point he mentioned was – there is REST in every emotion/ every thing in nature. And Uparati means to take/seek rest in/from any given situation. I liked this point very much…. say you are frustrated and you are seeking rest even from frustration. Nice ha 🙂
And few more things he told us….. you should definitely meet him whenever you get a chance …. after all he is embodiment of excellence 🙂
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