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Why Modi and not AAP for 2014 elections

1) Hung Assembly doesnt mean enough ppl believe in AAP ! its not Delhi whr thr r no othr regional parties whr hung is jst AAP Vs BJP, BUT Nation whr thr r many such small isolated regional parties..

nd BJP is definetly emmerging as a single largest party nd AAP is vry minute to compete at national level.. only it would add a chunk to third front (wch is consisted of mny parties nd not jst AAP-so comeout of tht illusion tht hung assembly means enough vote for AAP-thts whr lies the lack of political knowledge)

2) AAP , if really wanted to do some good to nation should hve proved itself in Delhi nd contest #2019 whr it might be welcomed by many if it proves,, but haste to contest #LS2014 clarifies it has no good purpose thn cutting votes !! 

U may argue every party has right in democratic country, yes no one can stop them .. But yes If you choose to vote them, you are choosing country to go in thirdfront or hung assembly situation, and when Coalition govt forms it will only bring thrash to economy of country and which many foreign countries are wishing to happen thereby funding AAP etc.!

We very well know AAP cannot emmerge as single largest party (pls dont fool urself tht it can,by seeing 50lakh members, coz thr member lists also consits of Harry Porter and Angelina Jolie  LOL, funniest things ) SO choosing AAP is choosing to go towards coalition govt for country and which will certainly not be good !)

Dont think only from ur perspective,think of #IndiaFirst an Vote !!

Curtsey – Palak Ganatra 

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