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Congress is Selling Nation for Minority Votes to Terrorists

So Ishrat Jahan confirmed as a terrorist ?
1) FBI informed IB that Ishrat Jahan is an Islamist LeT suicide bomber. A ‘Fidayeen’ who wanted to assassinate Narendra Modi.
2) LeT’s website claimed Ishrat Jahan as one of their own.
3) Ishrat’s mother says Ishrat was kidnapped 4 days before she was encountered in Gujarat. Why was there no missing person’s report filed for 4 days ? Is it normal for a child to be absent from home for 4 days without a word on her/his whereabouts ?
4) Abdul Gani was killed in Ishrat Jahan encounter and he could be heard on tape speaking to Lashkar Commander.
5) One of the rare public cases where we find Indian intelligence coordinating with foreign intelligence, acting on it well in time to prevent a terror attack.
Reward for this ? government uses the CBI to attack IB. Gujarat IPS officers are falsely framed and harassed. Modi is vilified again.

Ishrat Jahan case is a clear testimony to the fact that Congress will sell this nation for minority votes. It will protect terrorists like Ishrat Jahan and punish patriotic officers who eliminate them. It will manipulate the system and compromise national security to stay in power.
What will it take for Virat Hindus to unite and eliminate this terrorist-traitor nexus off from our nation ?
Subramanian Swamy

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