My life got meaning the moment YES!+ started for me.

Where Silence meets Dynamism & Knowledge meets Fun,Passion meets Focus & Risk meets Balance, Simplicity meets Excellence & Adventure meets Talent,Love for Self extends into Service to the Other and…Dreams become a Reality!…that is YES!+:-)

Here is little about it:


DO it NOW!


Mastiful & Meaningful program for youths 🙂

YES!+ is a program that powerfully addresses key issues relevant to the youth of today, and brings about a profound change in the attitude towards life. Confidence, clarity of mind, focus and heightened energy levels become natural to the young people after undergoing this training, resulting in academic excellence, ability to lead and strong interpersonal skills.

The participants gain the ability to overcome and drop long standing bad habits like smoking, substance and systems abuse, etc. The course also helps combat depression and suicidal tendencies, and has been reported to cure many diseases like asthma, high BP, sleep disorders, etc.

Regular practice of the techniques and knowledge of this course ensures a strong healthy body and a relaxed stress free mind.


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